Option For Editing Icons

Hello everyone,

May be there will be a option for resize, edit , change location for ( units , spells , insta, scream , etc)   icons we get in offense.

So that we can increase/ reduce the size of icon whatever we need. 

Also we can change position of these.

Sometimes the insta , press by mistake 

I don’t think it is necessary. Just, the insta troops button should be on the right side below the scrolls. Otherwise everything is going great.  The resizing of icons is too good but it would create some confusions. Hope, you understand. Well, we are quite familiar with these icons. We don’t need to change them or we will lose all out skills in the game.

No please, don’t put anything near the scrolls buttons. I’m trying to stay away from them. In fact, please add the option to remove them from my screen.

Good Lord man! Post these topics in Suggestions and Improvements!