Option for empty PAYED SPELL slots!

I farmed that guy two times in a row and accidentially hit the Armageddon spell at the end (unnecesseraly) every time. I just wanted to tap on the castle in the upper right corner, not use that damn spell.


Give us an option to empty ALL DAMN SPELL SLOTS! I don’t want to be forced to spend gems i don’t have to.


Or is that part of your plan to generate more money? It’s not a difficult thing to implement an empty slot i could choose to get rid of EVERY gem spell to prevent such mistakes.

Excuse me, but do you mean _ scroll  _slots? Also, I believe this has been mentioned before.

Of course it is. Havn’t you also noticed that that ‘retry’ option for re checking the treasure chests after a raid is on a random side each time? They make boatloads off of people misclicking random crap.


The worst by far is when you speed up an upgrade when you didnt want to. You can lose thousands that way. Really need a confirmation notice on them things.

But yea…that is a topic for another forum

Moved to Suggestions & Improvements. Also this has already been suggested several times (both unselecting scrolls, and confirmation for upgrade-speedups). Use the search feature if necessary. :grinning: