Option to buy chests for individual heroes

There are so many different heroes and buying the item chests are already a gamble by itself, which item will you get? will you get better quality on a item than what you already have?

Please make it possible to buy chests for 1 hero only.  That way I can make them stronger one by one even if its just buying the gold chests.

The way it is now I got 5 incredibly weak heroes and 1 strong one. So I sit on the 5 hydra islands with the weak ones and only move around and attack with helen of troy… rather boring :slightly_frowning_face:



You can buy (with gems) item chests for individual heroes. It’s usually some sort of sale and you get like 4-5 gold item chests for a discount price

ive seen it pop up many times - usually once a day or two for random heroes

just wait for the sale with the hero you want

Yes you’re right but it is special offer, why not have special chest with hero select option ( maybe with additionnal gems costs) ? 

Tell me about it:( with me its Prometheus, any other hero i attack with just ends up looking at me in pity…

Come on guys. Let’s be reasonable. Next thing we would complain about is not to be able to buy items of specific slots, or items with specific stats. It’s a slippery slope. The randomized items are fine as it is.

I’d say 80% of my items are from battles. 20% from epic chests. I have never bought a single items chest with gems, yet I am able to battle with 4 out of 5 of my heroes. At the moment, you don’t need super duper godly items for a hero to be viable. Hercules and Prometheus are a bit weak due to the limited spell slot, but the other heroes are perfectly fine.

Try exploring different ways to play each of them, as they are all unique in their own strength and weaknesses. If you’re charging all your heroes to the frontlines, then you’re playing it wrong.

As devs have stated the gear is very significant. If a hero dies as soon as it runs near a tower there is much options for strategy to be involved. 

Many updates ago I got a lot of gear from the chamber but lately all I get is resources and that has left some of my heroes very far behind. Unless I buy spell and unit slots.

Yes there are also deals for individual heroes but I don’t feel like throwing 1k gems on just one of them. 5-6 golden chests for one hero feels s bit overkill. 2 is enough :stuck_out_tongue:


You play RR2 since a long time. You should know that no Flaregames never do that right now or in the futur. One reason the money. You should know that 

I don’t believe you have forgot about Flaregames. I don’t know maybe you have stop playing RR2 

Maybe you should check the date of the posts you’re replying to and stop saying shit in every post you make. :slight_smile:



thank you for this wonderful comment. You know we cannot satisfy everyone here. My comment was not made for you but I gonna try to remember next time to satisfy you and made special comment just for you. Nice advice. Maybe next time you can call me and tell me what you want I write but thanks you. Maybe next time we can sit together and talk about what you want I write. you know my PM are open 24/24. Next time when you don’t like my comment send me a PM and I gonna change it just for you. Really appreciate your comment.