Option to Continue

It’s kind of silly how, whenever the king does, everything just ends. You could literally have the opponent’s gate down to 1% HP, and have an army of cannons attacking it, but if the king does, it’s over. To prevent late-raid upsets like this, may I suggest that we be given a Continue option, wherein our troops just go on without us? You can’t summon anything new when you’re dead, but the things you /have/ summoned still fight for you. That only makes sense, I think.

This has never actually been a problem for me personally. I just thought of it recently because my hero died one raid, but my troops defeated the Castle Gate before the Resurrect option could come up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was kinda funny seeing that 3 Crown victory sign while my hero was just laying there like Ugh x.x But I imagine that it’s been a problem for others.

how about you get through the gate and attack the kingdom, like taking gold from taverns, fighting more monsters, and the king as a boss, and its timed like a raid in clash of clans, but a minigame

It’s a bit difficult see this type of thing, because also as you wrote “have an army of cannons attacking it”, if you should tape “continue” your cannon destroy anything around and you should win always… so also nobdy will lose…