Option to disable equipment during a battle (scrolls, spells and units)

Option to disable equipment during a battle (scrolls, spells and units).

I wish I could disable the option of scrolls, due to occurrence of press with the mouse when the cursor disappears.

Spent gems unintentionally due to the disappearance of the cursor.


Another idea

Add an options menu option to increase and decrease the cursor and change the cursor type.



I agree as I have spent gems unintentionally, Also the cursor should never disappear during a raid and is a bug that needs to be fixed.


Also the cursor should contrast to the landscape that is in current use as an almost white cursor when using the Northland or Christmas Woods landscapes is nearly invisible.

oh memorys!


This suggestion takes me back to my very first post here. on the original RR2 forum, where I offered a solve for this age old problem…


all those ‘Get Satesfaction’ threads have been burned in an old stove ‘1984’ style in order to create the 11th addition of the new speak dictionary but, uh, I try re-do the joke for your pleasure…



Step 1: Go to thrift store and buy an old keyboard.

Step 2: Grab your trusty butter knife.

Step 3: Pry off zero and nine keys from the 10 key.


BOOM all better :grinning:


*Interesting and informative to note about this is an update or 2 after I wrote this, the options to raid using 10 key were removed from game. WOWZA!? Its appears FG does in fact read our suggestions. and they are quite happy having that button sitting right on the path the hero must traverse. and this is of corse by design.


Also yes we all feel your pain. I hit that damn button by mistake at least once a day. its cost of living tax lolz

Has any of these suggestions been ever considered by the game development team? Aether is posting to several topics but I wonder if we just post our improvement ideas to the other forum members only :slight_smile:

I agree something should be done! Countless times I can barely see the mouse and I end up clicking on a scroll! :confused: Imagine if you accidently clicked surrender and it just put you to the home screen without warning, same principle. My solution:


  • Make a warning when we press a scroll, asking if we really want to use the scroll

no, dont put warning in it!

i only use scrolls when its absolutely necessary, and in the heat of the battle, there is no time to click on confirmations!

 totally agree with this, I’ve seen it posted before but seems to have fallen on deaf ears …or blind eyes… my thought is if you have the time and resources to create these different elite boosts every other week surely you have the resources to do that!!!


Just sayin!!!

“a real issue”?




But not for Flare…


misclicks are revenue as well.

An easy fix would be to add a “blank” scroll that did nothing and had a 5 minute cool down.

And had no cost.