Option to do something with unique items

Hi, sorry if this starts the usual moaning about “the top players”, but this is surely true to all long term players.
I have, like many others, a huge amount of uniques that I don’t use, I have two options, sell for a pointlessly small amount of gold or curse and likely get another duplicate.
Can we please simply have the option to forge it as if its a 5 star item?

I think that every unique item should have 4 slots, the best hewn item, eventually has a unique name

I also suggested something like this a while ago but don’t know when FG will do something about unique items .


We have suggested a number of things… it affects us all, and it will keep getting worst and worst. I voted for this, but I don’t think it’s a top priority for the devs. There is nothing else we can do, adopt, adjust, continue.

The devs did say they would do something or had something planned, I forget which but it’s well overdue. I’ve not been receiving uniques as long as some at the top, but I must have 20+ duplicates taking up space, still waiting for the possibility to swap many for 1 that I actually want!.


I have all unique items unfortunately.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

For me this is a great idea. I understand if FG don’t want to bring the special ability over to another item. But if we just can sacrifice them like a 5 star titan item it would be a great option.
I you got duplicates now, they are useless.

I voted for this!

I’d like to see something happen also. The number of duplicates just sitting idle is pretty sad.

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I realise it’s frustrating that we have not yet done something about this issue, however it is something a lot of people bring up, and it is high on our priority list. We do intend to do something, but what we don’t want to do is give a halfway solution such as being able to sell them, then bring in a nicer use for them which leave people who sold them even more frustrated. We do hope to address this soon, but it will not be for at least another version.

Closing this to free up votes.