Option To Loan Worker(s)

Since extra worker means player can build stronger base at faster rate , it is very important to have around 5-7 workers (some got even more) but the price also increase insanely after each purchase.In my situation , its 4000 gems for 8th worker.I think very little player would actually buy one unless they got worker package.


So I wanna suggest Flare make a system where player can loan workers for certain amount of gems.It could be like the gold shield where theres 1 day 3 days and 7 days shield with 10 days cooldown ? For the loan worker deal , it could be 1 worker for 45 gems , 3 workers for 180 gems and 7 workers for 500 gems (995 is too much for me but it depends on Flare)


The worker can only complete one construction each (regardless of its duration) so 3 worker can build 3 towers and after they finish the towers they go into cooldown mode.This is better than buying 20 workers for tons of gems only to realise they’re pretty much useless once everything is maxed out.I for sure won’t buy the 8th worker as I don’t think I need it in the long run.


This along with the food production/silo capacity suggestion I posted in improvement thread will make the game a lot better I’m sure.



agree with that… sometimes my all 3 workers are busy, but sometimes all are like… there should be loan option for some gems 

Great suggestion Fii nami. It would be a little easier if a player could loan workers for a limited time for some gems.

I would like to add that only one of the option could be selected at a time , for example if 3 workers are on loan by a player then the other two option i.e. the 1 worker for 45gems and 7 workers for 500 gems cannot be accessed until the already opted option expires . Or else one could loan 11 workers at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

well “loaning” one worker with 45 gem to do an upgrade which cost one week (maybe 3k gem above to speed up?) just don’t feel so correct. LOL 

awsome idea fii nami now i am not going to buy my fourth worker untill flare give us loan workers

Amazing!!! You’re a genius!! Awesome idea, really!! With that prices for 7 days Flare will give you only an ice cream (maybe)…but the idea is great!!  :slight_smile:

This is just a concept , doesn’t necessaarily have to done the way I said.Its just to give you guys the idea of what I want Flare to implement.


And I like the idea very much!! What I said was a joke…but maybe my languages skills are the same of my base-planner skills…level embryo  :slightly_frowning_face:

Who knows this kind of thing might make good use if it’s a kind of auction for gold instead of gems if someone doesn’t have enough gems.