Option to not start league

its pretty annoying i have to join league right after last one ends. I usually track when my next builder is ready and start league little before hand. The league could be started in statue would be great.

The next league begins for you the first time your online after the last one ends.

Try turning the game off a few seconds before the league ends and allowing your cooldowns a few hours to breathe before you turn the game back on.

Most of the time, you will be put in a league that has just begun when you return.

Right but i want to play the game not join the league. Specially these holidays I know I will be busy over the weekend and not play. So I would like to start on monday. but then i wont be able to play the game. 

I kinda see where your coming from, but I think the current system is good. It adds the prep factor to league battles. You have to weigh the pros and cons of stocking up food for the next league, or burn it to ensure your victory in the current one. You pick and choose your fights. Under your system, no one would be caught unprepared. You can’t win them all.


I feel you this holiday season though. Im working over the holidays and will only be able to pop in once a day or so. Will no doubt drop down a league or three XD

i like dropping down in leagues; the earlier ones are easier to win and faster, too…

But nothing gives as well as the top league. 375/3 per day rate is well worth the effort. But I follow the logic of the game. trying to keep people active. Just wish there was a little more for the mid players. 8 is such a low number. Is it possible to increase how many people go down a lvl?