Option to roll island occupants

With all the fuzz about trophies maybe its not the perfect time to suggest improvements or ideas… 

But since many players complain about not having many raids available i thought of this:

Adding the option to pourposly occupy your undefended islands for a cost (gems, ambrosia or wisdom).

This way you loose every island you dont have a heroe on, or not fleet defended, but you get new rivals to raid. 

This would mean more resources, more raids, more trophies… 


The defense fleet would lose a lot of its purpose. Not only that, but this would break the matchmaking core of the game - a player will have to occupy an island because someone rerolled - so ~25 players will be targeted and that means, those 25 players are going to get an island occupied aswell. 1player refills, 25 players get affected Double edged sword. 

I get the idea, but that might be fixed by adding more islands to the reef (impossible) or by upgrading the match making system. 

I was a bit afraid that this would snowball the top ranks with lower levels, but it actually backfires to them, since all their attacks are worth 1t with this trophy system.

I see your concerns… But… 

Since you roll your own islands, the fleet wont loose its pourpose… You will choose between gaining their resources, or spend currency to get new opponents. And opponents with fleets active, can get targeted but shouldnt loose the island. As it works right now. 

If we fear this could turn into a massacre, maybe we could roll for 5-10 opponents, and not for the entire islands on the map. And you only get 1 roll/24 hs. 

For me this could be a way to emphazise the fun part of the game: fighting.