Option to switch off shadow

The game is starting to be extremely laggy, especially with the addition of gargoyles conquest boost. It’ll be nice if there’s an option to switch off shadow so the gameplay will be smoother.


Using a xiaomi mi Max 2 with 4gb ram

Bumping this up again. No reply from developers at all. There are other threads complaining about the lag, screen freeze, and the inability to press buttons due to too many units, especially now with the inclusion of Twisted Gargoyles that each have their own “explosion” animation as well.


This isn’t really a complicated feature. We already have in our “settings” to switch off certain animations. It really isn’t so much to ask for, to be able to switch off units’ shadow. After all, it wouldn’t change the difficulty of the gameplay whatsoever.

I’ve come to realise that under some angles shadows help to see where off screen towers are. But yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to tweak some visual settings here and there (half of my failed raids are because I literally can’t see what is happening and where what is - a combination of dark/bad themes, flashing stuff and crowds of troops). I don’t see too mamy more fps drops and lags during raids than before but there are severe slowdowns for no apparent reason, like in kingdom view or when you inspect your troop set in PL.

The optimisation must be rather bad because I understand that I have slowdowns and stuff on my old budget phone, you shouldn’t be having these issues on a much stronger device.

At any rate, I support all suggestions for more options and configurability in the game. :slight_smile:


This only happens at high level bases filled with gargoyles due to the “explosion animation”.


Apart from switching off the units’ shadow, I hope there is also the option to turn off all screen shake caused by the explosion.