Optional League

Why is League mandatory? I mean, there’s no option not to participate on the league.

Although the gems you could receive whether you win first or not are quite a gift.

Why is there no option to discard an invitation to join the League, leave the Leave, or join other League?

that use to annoy me also but I just ignore it now and worry about the next kill. look at it this way…free gems.

yep free gems and if i happen to get some medal i get more for free(this is rare im level 80 and a windows player) but otherwise i enjoy the free chance for loot

i think that securing top position in gold league ought to give us more gems than 75.

Gems are fixed unless you beat the league record.

Well, thats impossible.


Actually, it’s not. Although, I myself have no records broken yet but that my friend is possible. Strategize. If you could notice, name on the league record keeps changing.

Maybe your right, but i have no chance of breaking a  record. im just a middle rank player.

actually thats probly when its best to break records attacks cost low food and there are plenty of higher up bases that you can rampage on if you find them

i just only focus on platinum league (4 star),

then when i go up to diamond league(5 star) just wait or focus on dungeon and dont through the eliminated position

so in the next time,i go to platinum league again,

but if they can give me choice i can play just in platinum league and it wouldn`t waste my time :rolleyes:

You have to stay online 24 hours 24 to beat the league record and for me it’s not physically possible…, and also you have to spend continuously gems for food  as soon as you finished the food or for the other people who play on phone it’s much simpler becasue they can invite friends, etc…