OR forum event - Winter 2018

(Please enjoy my fantastic photoshop skills :wink:

Hi guys,

I have started to listen to Christmas music and Germany is getting flooded with Christmas markets opening soon :slight_smile:

So tell me which Olympus Rising character would you ask for help to build a snowman and why (any character from troops to Heroes and so on).

And yes, I was singing “Do you want to build a Snowman” in my mind when writing this event :snowman:?.

Participation :

Please write your answer + your Ingame name in the thread. Only one comment per participant.

  • A random winner will be awarded 1000 gems.
  • A winner for the funniest/most creative answer will be awarded 1500 gems.

End of the forum event: 2nd of December 6 pm CET

Winners will be announced in the thread.

Have fun!

Ingame: Archimides

I would build a snowman with Helen. Lets be honest, who (male) wouldn’t want the chance to be embarrassed with a slap on the face, after asking that woman on a date to build snowman in the cold together… only to be turned into one of her troops anyway, which is really what you wanted in the firsl place. To be her slave and serve her!

There is a greek saying… «it’s cold, time for two»… unfortunately, cold doesn’t rime with two, so it doesn’t sound so good in English, the result for the slap…

Odysseus wearing Syclla & Charybdis - as he can stomp around and make the snow hard with his magic boots.

IGN: Jay the Abundant


I would ask cyclops so it would be huge!

I will call upon my favorite heroine Ariadne with her Aegean thread to build my :snowman_with_snow: or should I say snowmans. :wink:

She has awesome power which allows her summon lots of friends for help.

So I will have an army of snowman in no time then I can spend all time playing with snowmans with Ariadne and her friends :grinning: ??

IGN: d9d9


I would help Arianna. In war he does not come because he is frail, so he stays at home all day preparing lunch and dinner and ironing the shirts.

I’m afraid only that she can feel too cold with that light and slightly transparent dress and then I would also call Prometheus that would heat it.

But Prometheus would melt the snow and I would need …

I don’t know which character I would ask for help but seriously I would never choose workers, 12 days to upgrade the Temple…come on guys there are 4 of you and you can’t even work together ??

Hah easy. :snowman_with_snow:

As Atlas is used to fidgeting with huge balls, a snowman would be a piece of cake for him.

Just has to count on Poseidon to throw in some ice and steal a carrot from his son-horse Pegasus.


(and yes Madlen, your snowman song was stuck in my head while writing this reply ?)

IGN: StealthSolid

But instead inventing some event that encourages you to play instead of writing, does it seem like a bad idea? People get bored !!! And what do you do? An event where you write an ***** question about a snowman !! No, oh well, I’ve lost my hopes …

You say people are bored:

That’s valuable feedback, feel free to elaborate on that further on a different section or via PM. ?

Well, calling my question idiotic is not a gentleman’s way.  :slightly_frowning_face: If you don’t like the event that’s okay, you don’t have to participate. If you have a request for other forum events, that’s also feedback and feel free to share that with me via PM or in a different thread. ?


I am totally open to host other types of events in the future. I will think about some fun stuff :grinning:

IGN- Philstar

I would invite Hades to help me build my snowperson (‘man’ is a bit sexist in todays political correct world!) as I’ve heard where he’s from he hasn’t ever seen snow!

By giving him such a glorious gift, I’m sure he would return the favour and fight for me more than twice a day :grinning:  

You forgot to post your IGN bro!

I never had a chance in my life to build a snowman due to the lack of snowing in my area, but I’m choosing a character, Athena. Reasons? Plenty lol

ign *castiel

What? OR2 ?? I want to play now !! ? Another cut and paste victim. However the funniest should be Prometheus because every time he touches the snow it melts

Sicuramente prenderei un Giasone col suo mantello impellicciato, così porterebbe un termine la missione senza prendere freddo.


here is my proposal how to make a snowman “olympus rising style”:

1.) wait until there is fresh fallen snow and the weather is not too cold so the snow perfectly sticks together. don’t panic: “winter is coming”
2.) it is always more fun together to make a snowman, so i don’t want a single hero/unit to have to do it alone.
3.) since it is winter and cold (but not too cold) i would suggest to choose the following “winter setup”: 
    odysseus with units spearman, siren, cyclops and trebuchet. everyone is kind of naturally prepared for winter. odysseus is also a kind of trickster hero, and this is also perfect for what we want to do ?.. for the powers i suggest asclepius, okeanos and bia. if you think there is enough snow outside and you might need a warm place, chose talos instead of okeanos.
4.) start your mission and have a wonderful walk through the winter wonderland. you can also sing madlens song if you want to. ?
5.) when you have reached the bridge, kindly ask sirens and spearmen to start rolling snowballs until they grow bigger and bigger. hand them over to the cyclops to make them of proper sizes. odysseus heals frozen hands if necessary or supports your troops with snow from okeanos if needed. yes, making snowman is the fun kind of snow shoveling ?
6.) all help together to lift all the snow balls into the trebuchets.
7.) now comes the tricky part: don’t move too close to the gate as you do not want the n.a.s.t.y, b.a.d-a.s.s. perseus immortal gatekeeper (that you have carefully chosen before as kind of revenge) become alive, but he should be within reach for the trebuchets. lets assume this is possible or clever odysseus will have an idea how to do this ?
8.) “fire them off, fire them off, fire them off !!!”
9.) make a picture/screenshot of your perfect snowman-gatekeeper and run before perseus gets you!! (if he comes alive from attacking)
10.) post picture here in the forum (of course not to humiliate the immortal one ?) but for fun and to win a price for this event. ?


[Snowball pictures taken from “Calvin and Hobbes” comics]

I would want help from a trebuchet, cause seriously, if a late medieval siege weapon has the ability to travel back in time 1000 years to Ancient Greece, it’s gotta have something on board there to help me build a snowman. 

Ign: Texas Dumpster 

Artemis I guess 1 hail storm no winter needed , with help from stag offcourse 

In-game Neoleas 

:snowflake:Last year I made my first snowman with the huge help of special group of Sirens. Yes,I love snow so much,but it was so difficult for me to approach it,especially when you pull a big fireball behind your chariots.Snow would melt into a puddle faster than Icarus wings did.

So,I asked for help one special coven of Sirens.These frosty ladies made a circle around the lifeless pile of snow,sang and screamed to it and then the miracle happened.One happy and friendly snowman came into the life!He had a little snow storm above his head to keep him alive during summer! We will do this again this year,make another snowman and a friend to this songful fellow.:snowflake:


The logical answer of the question is “wanting help from one of my idle worker” . They worked a lot for years, at least one of them would have an oppurtunity to get some joy… 

But this answer is not enough funny to bring me the winner title of the contest. 


I would like to want help from my TREBUCHET, it can help me to send  great snow to build where ever i want.  Also we can play snow ball when job done… But defense stance forbidden of course… I dont want to give it more accuracy ?

@Madlen   btw when i saw your picture thay you put at title:  i joined the game and zoomed my base, to see "  there is  snowman exist at my base or not. 

Very good photoshop work, honestly ?

IGN: ? Hellslord ?


3 spots empt… wow, still i can not stop myself recruting