OR won't conect

Since the las 2 and a half hours I get no connection to the Olympus Rising servers, despite having full WLAN signal strength and despite other internet-dependent applications working all fine. I’ve tried pretty much everything: restarting my tablet, updating androind, reinstalling the game, restarting my router,  switched off and on again my wifi, etc. and despite all that I keep getting “Establishing connection failed, trying again in X seconds…”  and “Please check your internet connection. No connection to server possible”.

I was able to conect to the game earlier today. When i came back home it wasn’t working anymore.

Any idea how to fix this? Or is this a problem with the servers and i should just wait for it to resolve on its own?


EDIT: so, i still have the problem but what have also happened is that a couple of times already in less than a day the app will update, download a heavy file that says that will only will be downloaded once (which has happened twice in the last 24 hs so far) and after it is installed i can open the game and play again, but after i exit it then i have the same problem i described above again and i can’t conect to the servers.


Hey @Nacho88, are you still having this problem? If so please let me know which device you are using and how much free space you have on the device.

We often encounter in the week of war can not connect the situation, but also because of the loss of a lot of players, can you solve this problem?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THANK YOU!  

Hi @CaptainMorgan

Yes i’m still having the problem. I can only connect a couple of times a day. The rest of the time is down. This is not much of a problem now but it will be in war time when i have to access more often. Also after one succeful conection, everytime after i exit the game, i can’t inmediatly connect again. I have to wait several hours (almost half a day or so) until i get connection to the servers again.

I’m using a Lenovo tablet (model TB3-85OF) with Android 6.0 and i have 7 GB of free space left.

My laptop was Lenovo too, it broke, that’s why I can’t play RR2 and OR. Technology nowadays seems to be going almost downhill. It seems as if they intentionally make the devices so bad that you have to buy new ones within a year

Oh but my device works fine. I only have problems with this game. All the other programs and apps work fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Nacho88,

I think your device is discontinued according to the Lenovo website.

Can you update it from Marshmallow 6.0 to Nougat 7.0 if possible?

That’s weird. I bought it just a few weeks ago.

I’ve checked to see if there are any system updates but i didn’t get any. I’ve been trying to find dowload links for it but i get redirected to the android webpage and i don’t see where i can dowload it.

Update: apparently i can’t update Android.

Is there any other solution? At the moment i can only access the game every 6 hours (yes i counted xD)

@Nacho88 Yes I think your device doesn’t support Nougat 7.0.

I know you don’t have a problem with your other apps and you have a good WLAN, but for test purpose, can you try another internet connection, like from a friend, a neighbor or a free public wifi?


Actually, i think the last update just fixed the issue   So the problem is gone (for now). Maybe it was caused by the previous update.

EDIT: never mind. Problem is back :confused: I will try another connection when i have the chance.


I had problem with 3.8 update.  App Store would not let me download.  I reinstalled app and game started over. Been working with tech support but they have not made the change to let me access my account. Flare games Request 98965.  Please see this gets resolved. I’m frustrated after 4 days of answering requests to prove I am me still nothing.  

@Fracc It seems you are now able to access your account?

Sorry for the frustrating wait, however our customer support agents must be absolutely sure before transferring or unlocking accounts. We have had multiple attempts at fraud in the past and we prefer to protect our users, even if it is frustrating.

its just me or there is a problem with OR server? I can’t connect in the game since 10 minutes. I have test with other game and no problem

Edit : No clue what happen but its back