Order of Kahless

The Order of Kahless is an active group looking for new members to help bring us to the top of the game.  We are currently at 14 out of 20 members, Rank is 1310, Alliance level is 15.  Our leader and generals donate daily so that we can level up our alliance when necessary and buy elite boosts.


We utilize chat a lot (mostly English with 1 or 2 Spanish and 1 Danish).  We like to provide tips, hints and suggestions to new teammates, especially during Alliance War.  We will help test your defenses and provide you guidance on how to strengthen your weaknesses.  We are supportive of one another and if you are attacked multiple times by another alliance or player, those higher than you will usually then attack that person multiple times.  We are socially chatty, supportive and looking to take the next step as an alliance (I.e. We are nice, won’t be threatening to kick everyone, but get competitive when down by 200 trophies with 5 minutes to go in a war!).


We have six current openings with the following expectations:

1.       At 1500 trophies or higher, willing to accept a player that is active, willing to participate as much as possible during war and donate daily if they are lower than 1500.

a.       A person should be working towards improving themselves, even if it is every 2 days or so.

2.       50k alliance tower (or working towards it), 100k alliance tower preferred.

3.       Regularly active in wars

a.       We do understand that life, work and family come first.  If you cannot participate, please simply send a chat or friend a general and let them know.

b.      We are looking to increase our ranks so that during War if we have a 2, 3 or 4 teammates who cannot participate, we can still come in 2nd or 3rd due to participation.  We perfer coming in 1 but … LIFE HAPPENS!!!

4.       We boost as much as possible during Wars (currently tough barricades for wars and paladins or mummy when possible, but we vote on preferences and what teammates have the most of)

5.       Donations are the life blood of an alliance, without donations, an alliance cannot level up nor purchase Elite Boost nor can we make someone our champion or shield players who are unable to play during war or are weaker than our completion.  Daily donations are needed as much as necessary.

6.       Expect teammates to work on building up in a way that will assist the alliance but also themselves.  Maxing all towers, obstacles, units, waves, spells, construction plans first, then upgrading those structures, then your gate and finally your Throne Room.

a.       Defenses first – towers, obstacles

b.      Waves – start at the beginning and end of your waves and work towards the middle

c.       Units

d.      Farms

e.      Alliance towers

f.        Spells

g.       Inventors workshop

h.      Taverns


Recruiting team is:      Ozamandius (aka the leader)      Kortar      Distablisation (we joined from a previous alliance 13 war seasons ago and have not left)      i_am_bob      Ziggy the Impaler      Belgarath (me)


Feel free to reach out to any of us to join our growing ranks. There may be a ME in Team but there is NO I !!! 



Big thanks for Larrold and Dena4, as their posts and chats greatly assisted me!

We have also created a Facebook group for our members to join so that we can break down the language barriers.  RR2 chat and friends is only so-so.