Other Alliance cleared all players except top

I am currently in an Alliance War on the circular map with 2 alliances.  I forget the particular name. 

This battle started in our favor with us going up 1 island after 4 strikes.  With 1 strike left though we attacked their 5 skull isle and they attacked our 1 skull isle.

They also removed all other alliance members from their team other than the player that is a much higher power level than everyone in our alliance. 

Now I and all of my alliance members are stuck attacking only him for 14-20 points per fury while he gets to hit us for nearly 1000.  We will surely lose this island and risk tying/losing the entire war because of the other clans poor decisions (or obvious exploit of the alliance war mechanics).

Is this a common practice that is considered cheating?  Can it be reported?


Thank you, I still feel new with the alliance mechanics.

It also stopped me from recieving decent battle loot which is annoying at best.

If you go below 8 players in war your team is immediately eliminated. Can you take a screenshot of what’s going on?

No I did not take a screen shot of what was happening.  Bad move on my part, but basically in the last 2 battles all players accept for the top player, were greyed out and it said unavailable.  This forced all lower levels to attack the top guy my last 4 attacks earned 14 points a piece. 

Any way to look at this after a war?  It appears not.

That sounds like a bug if it’s true. 

Ok probably not much I can do at this point but ill screenshot if it happens again.

@Jmoran178 The Alliance should definitely have been kicked if they dropped that many players. Could you please provide your Alliance name and Account name?