Other alliance in conquest war

Just another day in royal revolt 2. 

We knew all 3 enemies in 10 minutes after the start??


We have similar “issues”.

We are ranked 141.
Other alliances on our map 58, 49, 33, 

Same with us. Very bad Matchmaking.

Same here…no chance against this alliance

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Ranking 13…really Flare???

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Against a level 279

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Yep there is a real problem with the match up in our battle as well. We are matched with a team ranked around 500 with many big players at level 57. We are a very small alliance only at level 22 ranked around 1000.

We have not discovered the details of the other two teams yet so there could be further big surprises.

There is zero incentive for us in this competition.

Update we now know the details of the other two teams thanks to another bug. One is level 70 and are ranked around 100.

The other is level 49 and ranked around 400.

It is clear that these are not correct matches for our small team.

You might as well cancel this event completely and start again.

Or I get my life back for the next 9 days which is not a bad outcome either.

I don’t understand how 10 peeps around 3k trophies can score  more skulls combined against 5k players even using 100 gems/battle 

No way we can defend our territory 

They sorted em real good lol

Can only confirm CR1… There is a bug …u can know your all enemy in 3 clicks

Yes. Don’t have to meet your opponents on the map first. You can see all 3 opponents right at the beginning

@Flaregames… can u do something without bugs ??? ??

No they can’t

Our opponents, number 63,76 and 113 at the moment of this response.

Hades land, A strong Russian team and ‘lowest’ is a strong Poland team. Nice when we reside in top 200+. Their members way stronger than us, (even after considering our real trophy range without hiding). Only luck we have so far is that they have no energy.

So lucky us. Oh, we can have fun fighting their lower members, that way we can get rewarded with gems. A chance to get any boost is depending on their mercy. So we can hope they let us score conquest points, boosts we only can get if they allow us to get one.

Care to explain?.. have no idea how that works?

Click the very corner tile. Then click the “i”  

All okay ?

I think energy is one of the biggest problems. We need energy boost.

@Madlen my dear;

I hope you read it.

No need to tag her. They’re proved that they are paying attention. 

For the most part Energy is ok. If energy recovers too fast we will have to come online every few hours like the 1st Conquest.