Other alliance in conquest war

It would have been good, if energy costs per terrain type was like first conquest. This morning with full energy I moved 14 tiles (13 grass, one forest) and have around 70 energy remaining. Moving on grass should take less energy. The 40 energy per grass tile is just too much. 

I know we should build watchtowers to make roads, but at very first day, there will be not a lot of watchtower roads. It would also be nice if energy restored faster in forests (food by animals and trees) would be somewhat faster. Or at claimed land plus stronghold, that energy should restore faster. So staying on a watchtower under construction or something like that. 

but we have to wait too long.

So you want to have to check the game every few hours?

Because, in your alliance all are moving too fast. Everything is running and maxed. 

Nope there is a bug. You can check opponents instantly. 

Yes, there is a bug, unfortunately. We are aware of it and working on it.

But what about the mismatch of alliancies in the conquest…that ranking 13 alliance is ruining the game for us…they run over us like madcows?

Same here as well.Hats off to flare.

How many of those here matched badly won 1st or 2nd last time.

On the matching, I’d imagine you can be randomly selected against anyone else in your “bucket”, so if you move to the 200 rank, then you are liable to face any other 200 rank alliance (whether you are a level 20 or level 80 alliance).  It would be nice if they could expose the buckets so people can see who they are likely to face, and what the size of the bucket is (the top bucket seems maybe 15-20 alliances, probably less).

We won last time and raised our score from 162 to 200. So in fact we can better lose heavily now to be in a more low bucket. And who wins, can better make sure to win with possible lowest score (just enough for the tent and destroy watchtowers of other teams to keep them under you). 

OMG how much bug, miscalculation and direction an event can go , at first 10 minutest i find conquest very similar to land scramble in heroin fantasy which is a very nice, fast pace event and then i met other alliance i and now i feel like stuck in a frozen time zone where i can only see my crewmate are stressed af like the last time again. ???

I know it add 3 more building that work similar to alliance tower which give alot of purchase to flare but can you please delete it and refund all upgrade. This is so messup ???

Very mysterious matchmaking…We have the same Russian Alliance against us, and they hayve the same place on the map  ^^’

for the one who don’t know how to discover all Alliance on the map

1.If you see ???

2.Go in the corner where Alliance is hidding

3.Click on the (i)

  1. you can see all of them before meet them on the map

We won second

Our alliance was 3rd

The biggest problem is a very bad matching of alliances. We are facing an alliances 5, 7 and 20 in ranking and we are 95… 

How we can fight with them? This situation is really frustrating.

Totally agree. How many bugs will we see more? @Failgames   . On your developers place i would stick my head in the sand already like a ostrich / LOL

our alliance is rank 163, our enemys are rank 19, 45 and 66… they are all over 4000 trophies and level 115-130, only a few of us can keep up with them, but as an alliance we do not have a chance. and because they have higher stronghold buildings they also have more troops so they need less/we more for an fast win. this is ridiculous…

We won second