Other events

Hi Flare,

You seem to like ti throw in some events every now and then (and I do like them too, some are not my piece of cake (alliance tower already maxed, not interested in double xp point) but I appreciate the effort and can see how they can be usefull for other players).

I have two other events that I would like to see:

  • Wave event. Make it for a weekend possible to upgrade more than one wave at a time. Perhaps with cheaper cost or shorter time, but both not necessary in my opinion, just make it possible to upgrade more than one. I would raid non-stop that weekend to upgrade every wave, and probably need to gem a lot to achieve that.

  • Worker event: make workers cheaper for a limited time only, maybe with faster upgrade times.

FLARE I would love a free bread weekend event maybe one over the christmas holidays aswell. I want a good present this year, last years not so good

I’d take 50% food cost outside war lol 110 bread is cheap already for me thats 15 raids or so per session