Other Games?

I was hoping someone can direct me towards another game.


I really love gaming of all kinds but I really need to kick this one, the only only problem is I can’t without somewhere else to go to.


I play tripples A’s mainly FIFA, COD AW but they don’t captivate me as much these days, so in the last year I really got into apps hence RR


would prefer some suggestions along the lines of free app games,


( MMo’s) didn’t really like dota and lol, should I give them another try


willing to try browser games or indie pc. I play most genres.


Thx in advance

well if you like many types of game and are willing to play on the pc you should always check with the humble bundle :wink:

Granny will miss you if you leave  :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Terraria it’s an awesome game!

Don’t leave us king weebo :slightly_frowning_face:

Check out alternativeto.net and search: royal revolt


There, they have an artical offering 22 alternatives for RR on all platforms.


gl :wink: