Our alliance have only one war boost for arblasters

Hi all, we got 1st place in last war and received arblaster boost. But after todays technical works in defence our alliance have only 1 boost. War boost for arblastets after last war was  longed for maximum (20 days for now it must be left, but this 20days dissapered in defence). Need to resolve this problem asap. 

not only your alliance,all alliances r facing the same problem…


Here is arblaster in attack. Different about 40% in healts and attack . So that mean that something goes wrong.

According wiki http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Arblaster#Defensive Arblaster

Attack is calculated good  3320 hp х 60% = 5312 +895 hp (bonus from perls)= 6207

Defence 10 lvl no infgormation in wiki, but if we use 9lvl of arblaster from defence it will looks next way 2430 hp х 60% +895 hp (bonus from perls) = 4783 hp minimum (calculated for 9 lvl arblaster). But now i have only 4366 hp for 10 lvl.