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I think in light of recent events, its important to take a step back and remind ourselves of a few things. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, only those who visit and post in the forum, myself included. I hope we can all agree with these.

  • No one here is the speaker for the community. No one’s opinion represents that of the entire community. We speak for ourselves only.
  • Though we’re not important as individuals, we are important collectively, as we are a good indicator of what the RR2 community thinks as a whole. When a player has a suggestion or a feature request or wants to report a bug, this is what they see. We should collectively ensure that these players are not turned away due to toxicity, anger, etc. And when/if Flare wants to gauge reactions of a change or whatever, they look to the forum. 
  • We should be welcoming to any new community member, whether they are a player, a Flare employee, Susan’s cats (or Susan herself), etc etc. And we should be respectful to all other community members, whoever they are. 
  • As much as we all love being here, its just a game. Chill out, take a break if you need to. Spend time with family. We’ll be here when you want to jump back in.
  • As far as forum etiquette goes, try to be constructive. Try to give reasons why you like or don’t like a suggestion. It’s a lot more useful to Flare and is more persuasive to those less warm to your opinions.
  • Finally, Flare isn’t obligated to have a forum where we can voice opinions never mind respond to our posts. I am confident they read most if not all of everything here; Flare’s community managers have said that they do in the past, even if they don’t respond to the posts they read. That being said (and this is my opinion but others have agreed in the past), I would appreciate if Flare could interact with us a bit more often. Maybe give some thoughts on suggestions, timelines for when something might be done, things like that. I.E. some suggestions seem like simple fixes but may not be. We don’t know, but I believe most of us dislike being kept in the dark.  

I know this isn’t really a suggestion for flare except the last bullet but I ask that the mods not move this, since some of us here may not frequent other areas of the forum.

Thanks to Flare for allowing us to have these discussions and for taking our opinions. Even if many aren’t implemented, it’s appreciated that you are actively listening to us.

Stay awesome people and have yourselves a fantastic day! :wink:

Edit: One other thing, that goes back to the respect bullet. We aren’t privy to other’s experiences. Sometimes, our game communities are all we have. That was me, some time ago; I have no idea where I’d be without the amazing and incredibly supportive communities of the games I played, even though many of them didn’t know how amazing they were. And I was pretty combative at times lol. So even though some posts don’t present themselves the right way, consider that they may come out of a concern for the community and for the game. So in that case, try to point them in a better direction to express their concerns rather than simply dismissing the entire concern as nonsense.


This should be move in General Discussion for everyone to see. Great speech.

Nice! Beautiful speech O.O

Great job writing this Quantum. I do believe that if we had less arguing and more constructive responses, I think flare would pay more attention. When we get into a big time arguement or useless discussion then there is really no point in flare looking at the post. Hopefully we can see a new change in all the members of the forum 

Yeah, u will definitely get a job in flare:)??

What is Susan’s cat name? 

Let me introduce for you: @TheTruth


Hope he comeback here in the forum asap to speak for us again, community because even after there’s someone who got title CM, things aren’t that as great as the previous CM but I must agree that it gets better than before we had nothing.

I believe the urgent problem RR2 now is in Dev. team on how they handle those problem that happen in the game. How’s that basic bug often happen, how’s that simple bug takes too long to be fixed, etc, etc. Please flare, be professional… so that both us can be happy again about this game.

That link doesn’t work. Was the post deleted?

Here’s the thing. However much we think we know about what’s going on at flare, we don’t know everything. Hell, we don’t even know a lot. Simple bugs could potentially be really complicated, a request that hasn’t been answered by a dev might be under real consideration, etc, etc… 

If galamorgane or another CM could spend a bit more time talking to us and joining our discussion that would be fantastic. It seems from the outside like they’re kept busy and maybe they can’t participate as much as they’d like. In that case, I think the CMs should ask higher ups if they could devote more time to that or hire more CMs. I’m sure that some of us would even do it as volunteers if they could talk to the developers directly. But maybe that’s not possible, we don’t know. Regardless, I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to point fingers or insult devs or CMs, whatever, without all the information. Niether is judging flare employees against each other or prior employees that have had their positions.

We can only provide constructive feedback with the best information given to us and hope they take it. Giving us more information would allow us to give better feedback, making a better game for all of us. And if flare doesn’t want to give us more info… well that’s unfortunate but I think it’s safe to assume there are decent reasons for that decision. 

You’ll have to ask Susan, she’s very vocal about it in the alliance chat. Just don’t let her get too deep into story telling :grinning:



No, it’s still alive: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/37979-customer-relationship-part-insert-number-here/?tab=comments#comment-156053


There are a lot of dev here in the community that knows how to build some apps. I’m sure you’ve already read their post regarding solution opinion that flare have to do about their job, etc etc. Simple bugs will remain as simple bugs unless there specific reason behind it that lead to impossible to be implemented by flare dev team (e.g my post regarding bug at workshop last level upgrade information that already confirmed by dev team can’t be implemented due to structure code in the RR2). However, if you look back, there’s a lot of simple bug that take forever to be fixed even until now! (e.g when one of Monk stat suddenly disappear from the game that take some months to be fixed).


Agreed. However as you knew that there’s no answer from flare when we ask them to give some information regarding this game to Opelle (the creator of RR2 wiki). Yes, not as far as insult but constructive criticism is needed to make things better.


No they have no loss for giving detail information, instead they will gain more benefits by doing that (Wiki will alive again and will attract more new player). I can’t understand what they’re thinking about it.


We think they’re simple. As a programmer myself, even stupidly simple things can be really frustratingly difficult. Even moreso if you don’t design your code from the ground up to be easily maintainable. If you ever need to read someone else’s code you’ll understand why.

*After 5 hours of ripping my hair out* “oh, forgot a semicolon” 

We think they would have no loss, but it’s speculation as we can’t prove it. I think if they saw more benefit than cost to giving us more info about things then they would, right? 

They have it before, but then suddenly disappear, we told them what’s the thing that disappear, they should easily fix it by trace the source or the change they made before it because the one who disappear was only part of something, not all of it. It’s simple as that.

The one who do messy coding is the one who still learning how to coding a program or perhaps a one person made program. Flare is company who have dev team to build their games. They made plan, a loooong plan before executing it. That proved they can evolve their game with updates. The example about forget and ripping hair were only bad excuse that can’t be applied to flare.


We don’t need to prove it. They the one who should do it because we already won by look at the logic matters.

Heh, you’d be surprised. Ever heard of the Mars Clinate Orbiter? It’s a bit different than this case but the point still stands.

So your asking the accused to prove that they aren’t doing the thing they’re being accused of? If that’s your ideology, sure, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

To be honest none of this matters. Flare will or won’t give us what we seek. If they see more benefit to doing so, then logically, they will. If they dont, it’s because there is a reason for it and I suspect it’s a bit more than “they’re being lazy” or something. Same with fixing bugs or following up on feature requests.

That’s totally different case. ?


You got wrong on this so… skip it. ?


Heh, you’re too innocent and pure here. See ya! ?

Argh…been there more times than I should have…

Or mixing up function/parameter names because forgot suddenly. :wacko:

What does that even mean lol

For me it’s loop conditions. Those > and < are awful lol