Our King should be able to defend our castle

Maybe our king no matter how strong or weak should be able to defend castle wall…


Maybe he comes out after you get 1 or 2 stars or once you get near the castle wall…


Maybe it’s an elite boost…


This would be cool…

and then the king dies to the raider’s poison or swordrain spells without having a chance to defend himself ? We know king are vulnerable to poison and piercing

The Elite castle gate,That would be cool




You see there are these things called items… These “items” can be added to decrease the effect of buffs and increase “kings” health… If he’s let out when the raider gets close to the “castle wall” anything can happen!

the king will just be another monster , game is already tough enough with elite boost.I prefer to make it more balance and less scrolling than making it harder (its harder when you have to scroll more)

While I agree that (at least in theory) it could be entertaining to have the attacked king come out of the gate, that poses several problems:

  1. Hero strength influences base strength (slightly), while originally being decoupled (offense/defense). This means stronger hero = improved defense. Stronger defense in contrast does not strengthen attack, making attack more valuable than it already is… and high lvl heroes just have an advantage over players that focused on defensive strength first.

  2. It would make defense harder, while currently defense is already very hard / too hard (?) with elite boost.

  3. What would the defending hero do, after all? Just same AI as a knight, but with stronger stats? Then, it is not much of a difference actually, especially as some high level monsters already have stronger stats than many kings. Or more advanced behaviour, with spells or advanced targetting or whatever? Then it is hardly predictable and also means lots of programming work for Flare. Would also increase issue 1 (see above).