Our Suggestions Before Realising Any New Update

Hello Flaregames,


Before releasing any new update I want to give you some suggestions to make our game annoying less which are as follows :


1.Do something with insta-troop spawn key…it really really annoying me because of that I can’t go back towards my tent…always it pushed by us instead of going back…without insta key I can easily go back… I am a windows phone user


2.When we choose our opponents from the search menu to set the range of trophies…in this search the New Enemy should be comes from that trophy range which we selected… Not according to our rank.


3.In the Matchmaking the opponent should be comes according to our level not according to our trophy range or rank…because when we lost trophies…we can’t find the opponent according to our level.


4.Please Please increase the insta-troops donations because you know we are 60 guys and also have friends…so how can I help all…it should be 10


5.Please Increase the Friend slot…it is very low…when any friend sent a request then I need to replace my old friend which is really annoying …it should be unlimited


6.Please also increase the Favourite slot … 10 is also very low


7.** Please increase the amount of pearls in 1 and 2 attempts chest in COF …it is very low nothing help us**


8.Do Something with Granny or remove them she not helping us…you can put their items league


9.You can Put a Insta-spell to help us


10.Please Please Please be focus on Windows phone users … No tapjoy, no videos, No facebook connection, No extra chest, No Video recording, No upgrade shorter time video… :slightly_frowning_face:


My Other suggestions are at the topic of update 2.2 also read them.


Hope flares you will work upon it,

Thank you

My more suggestions are as follows

1.Plz replace war boosts from the war session boost…we are getting bored by these 6 boost of wars…you can put lighting towers,wrap rift mummy etc. To the war boost.

2.Plz think about the new war session boosts…now you are only repeating them…you can think on snake tower,barricates,knights,froster,monkeyc…i have more great ideas…u can also think about it.

3.Why you don’t think about the windows phone users…we are always behind the other users…no tapjoy,no fb connection,no videos,no short upgrade time videos plz think about us.

4.Why you don’t think about the new ways of getting gems…don’t too greedy…think about the free players…we all are not rich :slightly_frowning_face: .You can increase the amount of gems in the leagues …and also in the quests…tell me the gems in the quests are suitable for us…there is 15,10,20 gems or 10,15,20 vouchers…I salute to your mind :-\



 5.Make Some New Leagues which are as follows…

 (a).Uber Chest League (1st prize uber chest other will have legendary chests according their rank)

 (b).Gold League (1st prize 15M gold other will have gold according their rank)

 ©.Pearls League (1st prize 500 pearls other will have pearls according their rank)

 (d).Self Boost League (Our king boosted or other boost like war session boost can win here for only self)

 (e).Other options are food league,items league,2 day upgrade skip league etc.etc. :slight_smile:

 6.Put a River in our kingdom…there is no source of water…summer is going on and we all want water :stuck_out_tongue:

 7.We want to see our troops in kingdom…there they playing or kidding to each other…or doing something or marching etc.etc . :stuck_out_tongue:

 8.Put a daily quest…winner will win 50-100 gems

 9.Double the vouchers…everywhere they are too low in present


10.Put the events in game…so no need to come here to play any event or doing any vote…because your website is always crashes…also put the announcement and feedback in game also

 Thank you ? …will put more ideas…plz plz think on them.

Hehe, let me tell you what Flares will actually do in the next game update:

  1. Ignore all your requests.

  2. Add levels to everything: Troops, Spells, Towers.

  3. Add something that will make you spend more gems and buy new gem packages.

Seeya next update :slight_smile:

I think this feature should be added. Let us add 10 more friends. 10 is too low for an active player.

I agree with some points, but some others are out of focus.

PS: Thx for always giving me gold, Vivek. It’s fun to raid your base and get good loot :slight_smile:  

It has now become passive. We are at the most (not all, maybe) going through the motions. However, FG should continue to spring in surprises from time to time to keep an overwhelming interest in this unique genre of the game. 

Yes i agree with all but what do u mean by insta spell.shld it be donated just lyk present insta troops?

Flare will introduce when defense is overpowered.  :lol: :lol: :lol: Ask for spells & cast them instantly. Just like insta-troops.