Our top member got banned - how do we help him?

One of our good friends and excellent player ign: fil25 got banned for messing up with game mods in Pro. He did it out of curiosity - he did not help his result much nor he won anything in Pro due to this mod. 

We miss him quite a lot as a friend, player and colleague. We would like him back in the game.

Please let us know what can we do to help resolve this situation to everyone’s satisfaction.



:heart: for fil25. Hope we get him back. :v:

fil bro see ya soon in the game :slight_smile:

Come on flare,get him back with us @GalaMorgane?@KKStar

Please give us Fil25 back

Don’t know exactly what he did, but it sounds like cheating, since he wasn’t just banned in the PL, but completely. Cheaters need to be banned. The worst thing you could’ve done, is to make it public. If he gets unbanned now, everyone that was banned will complain, and not just those who got banned. They would basically give everyone the permission to cheat

Why are you guys messing with those cheating tools, for gods sake?

Just stop it!

This is a competitive P2W game. Cheats will kill it. People will stop playing and paying if cheats will be tolerated.

I can understand you want your friend back. But should he really be allowed back because he might be a friendly character and has friends? Hmm. Curiosity killed the cat. 

if he gets unbanned i will ask to some hackers to hack rr2 

Good boy

Please flare


Yes maybe we should all use those mods next PL, but promise us here you’ll not use them to increase your score…

Why try, if you know that this is punishable? he got what he deserved.

don’t unban cheaters!!!

they get what they deserve - hopefully

Thx Eric and others for support but no need for this.

There is some rules in this game and if broke it you deserve a penalty. So I got what I deserve J.

I just want to see how difficult is to cheat, what will happened with me after cheat and are we all the same in game.

I found out what i was looking for and that is enough for me. I think we are not all the same in this game and some players have more rights but that is how it is.

And I agree with you all others which said that don’t unban cheaters but we have one on No1 with 7000 trophies and he is still in game. Or some of his friends from RL and some others alliances which also cheat and they are also still in game…

Sorry for my bad English but I think you can get my point J

Now i am at vacation until flare unbanned me or it is goodbye if they don’t.



Fair point if Flare bans 1000 trophies players no excuse for them to ban 7000 one as well. Come on Flare pull your socks up and do some work. 

They did since days ago (top-1 player with 7k trophies)

The 7k guy is still banned, he just still shows up on the leaderboard, but is still intactive. Everyone can attack him, don’t know why they haven’t fixed it by now

But he is still no1 on leaderboard…

For example you couldnt find me on leaderboard and cant attack me. We are not all same :slightly_frowning_face:

And flare cant say that it is a mistake or something because he is so visible. But also he is from RL…


Found a player in the 500 range that has same thing inactive but can still get attacked. Would assume that Flare could be suspending account until they determine that violation has occurred and then deletion of that account. That might explain why you have been deleted and the others are still up. 

He is not banned, he is inactive. He stopped playing.

It’s normal that you can attack inactive players. (Still, it may be a bug, but it is not limited to any particular player.)

he is banned

edit: player can be inactive after 7 day offline, how he is inactive when he was online 1hour before his last online