Our torches have vanished


Started the war, massively outgunned but no worries as have had two superb wars so far and are joint top…

Check our opponents position to see we are on 2 torches and not the 13 or so we should be on!

Where have our torches gone?

I’m the founder and my account is Little Stu

Pics attached.

Are you still in the same league?

I don’t see why we would of swapped League mid season? If we did where did 2 torches come from compared to our total of about 13 or more that we should have.

My team got auto promoted after the first war. we had 9 torches but after being auto promoted we were given only 2 torches in the new league to be placed mid-league

That might be it, I won’t be happy if that’s the case. No idea why they would do that.

(I’m not in the game currently)


Were you first place going into war this week? If so, a team in a league above you dropped out and you got promoted to make matchups equal. You don’t get given your old torches, you get placed in the middle of the new league, like skellz said. 

So you don’t get the war blessing for your new league until next season and you missed out on the chance to get one of the top 3 league awards. 

no, we weren’t happy either but they said it was necessary to ensure proper match ups.

Haha, not a chance, my little team has no business being in this league, we struggle in the one we’ve just been in, we just got a lucky couple of wars meaning we were joint top.

well yes, we weren’t ready either. it’s just a numbers game though so they have the right amount of teams. we would’ve much rather stayed where we were.

Basically it’s nonsense, no benefits to the team but a harder, pointless rest of the season.

No extra blessing but now fighting teams with it, no extra gems for being in a higher League, no incentive to try to win the League like we did have, tougher opponents.

No explanation.

Some compensation would be nice.


Predictably we are getting completely destroyed. Bang goes any chance of 5 wins in a row…

One team has twice the VP, the other 3 times…