Over-power of high levels


I’m not here to complain. I only want to show how 10-15 high levels can block an entire alliance with 50 active players. Our alliance have almost all its players between 2500 and 3500 trophies. Our opponent have 15 players above 4000. 

So, here is the problem : Imagine a big fight, 15 vs 15. We win the fight. At the very moment we win, a 4k guy attack our 15 players. 24h duration, cause we cannot pass him, and we finally win. At the very moment we win, a  again. So, 2 high level players just have blocked 15 people during 48h, without any chance to be freed. 

Then, when our opponent understood this, we were dead. No fights with mid-level opponent, only guys we cannot pass. They attack, and we can do nothing. A 4k guy attack a tower ? If we put 15 players on the fight, we can keep the tower. Otherwise, we lose it. This night, in order to finish with fireworks, our opponent has placed one 4000 guy on as much of our towers as they can. So, if we lose it all, we lose 101 points in one day. And we can do nothing, but let 4k win, and fight only were there is 3000-3500 guys. 

It’s logical that a high level players has advantages, and can block some of us. But not at this point, I think. 


Yes i agree

Hello there @Barbekyou

I was forwarding your concern and we would like to know something more to evaluate. Howe many skulls do you get on average if you attack the high-level player and how many soldiers did you have on average with you and how many soldiers had the enemy on average with them?

Thank you.

Told you, we need ‘Retreat’ option at CQ war. Benefit: troops refill, defender substitution, and other strategic move.
Same happened, at CQ 1 when we had equal opponents not like this current CQ, once enemy need to send 15 members just to beat/kick me out of a tile, close to their tower. Insane huh ?

For me this is a good strategy. A trap.

There is nothing unfair in this strategy.

I feel like bully mode, because a avg 300 trophy difference can cause only half to no skull gain to lower trophy player not mention the cof chest. Our alliance have high-mid range player and willing to accept low lv - newbie . We feel happy with what we do - helping small player grown until conquest come, many upset because cant contribute until meet a low lv on the enemy side which will disappear very soon thanks to bully mode.  

In traditional war even low lv can contribute by pick any player they feel comfy with on the other side 

Hello Madlen,

I was going to address this also so it was good thing this was brought up by others. 

For Conquest, we have a 4k trophy person attack one of our towers with 8 people defending. We now have 11 of our players there, all between 2k-3.5k trophies defending. We outnumber this player in everything. They are just very difficult to beat and we have no chance of scoring enough skulls to beat them. We are wondering if we should even bring more players but if we do, their player will lock more of us in the battle. The Supreme Victory count stopped ticking down after 13hrs so we have no chance of defending this player. This doesn’t seem right. Something should be allowed for Attack Rating and Defense Rating to ultimately win the fights. I don’t know if this was addressed elsewhere but maybe the Supreme Victory counter should keep ticking until the end? Maybe there’s another solution. Skull count victories just makes an alliance with a few strong players take advantage of the situation. 

Our conquest was exactly like that since day 2, every top player of each alliance blocking 5 to 10 medium/low rival players for 24 hours easily… 

If you are a low-medium level alliance and manage to get 1 very high level player among your members, that players can just walk freely inside enemy territory destroying every tower he/she meets. That players doesn’t need troops either.

The only way to stop or slow it down is to keep him/her locked in battles of 24 hours…

This is on another post but is relevant (since the Supreme Victory adjustment, I actually expected topics about the stalling of armies). We were able to stall for hours an army of 22 people with just 1 strong defense, at the end we lost but the damage was done, we stalled again with another player and so on, until they couldn’t reinforce the main battle. The fight below kept them busy for 4-5 hrs, the same person had enough energy to jump again and stalled for 3 hrs those who couldn’t jump in time, and another person stalled the rest.


Hello Madlen, 

The screens posted by Floritaka is relevant… It was less impressive in our fight. I remember there were 15 players, average 2000 troups, on our tower in forest, less than 10k skulls in the end of the fight for us.