Over powered forge items.

Hello @CaptainMorgan my concern here is that the item which players are forging (including me) are giving way much more value as compared to unique items so it seems like unique item just lost thier values now. Many players don’t require unique items, they prefer green cursed item which can be way more stronger as compared to unique item so what is the use of having a unique which is weaker than a forge items. Just want to make a point that the unique item should be the higher most value & should not reached by any kind of forged items. So kindly have a look into unique items as they are losing thier importance.

Thanks and hope for the reply. 



That seems like a suggestion to me. Any rationale for posting it in Help and Questions? Ill move it soon


Now, rumbling aside, I actually second that and would love to see something adressing the issues of uniques, including their diminished stats. Guess you know my take and suggestion for that, posted it a number of times already

This problem is solved by them @Infamous just nerfed the forging system a lot and brought refinement process to ruin any Overpowred forged items that @CaptainMorgan says are bugged item.

Now any new account below 110 or so can never match old accounts that were playing OR at level 131 for a year.(at this point most of thier heroes are equipped with bugged items while rests 50k players will never have chance to reach that kind of level)



Anyways it is a good way to draw a clear line between elites and common folks as @vasudeva1 pointed out in past.

Recently seen some screenshots from one of my friend who has been playing OR at level 131 from last year.

His screenshots are showing unique items found before they were nerfed last year gets more improvement when forged while same unique items from this year are giving very low values when forged at same level.

@CaptainMorgan how do you intent to fix this?

Holy, nothing will be fixed as this [word removed - inappropriate] made this post and devs listened him, and now it’s us lower levels that pay the consequences. Who was already Level 130-131 made powerful gears and now they belong to the “God level”.

Now not only forge gives low values, but cursed items are giving normal perks that are no longer stronger than normal items. Buying eternal chests for 75 gems hardly give cursed items, especially rings. 

Even if it could be a fix for those ‘bugged’ items, until then, top players would have boosted their accounts with 10 skulls odyssey as their heroes are immortals. 

Uniques… Continue cursing uniques and get another duplicate, even this feature failed. Lets not speak of their ridiculous values.

What else is left to mention?

I don’t really have much to add for the rest of your post, but I don’t think this part is correct. I don’t think anything has changed about the strength or drop rate of cursed items. But since they’re very random, it’s possible to get low-end cursed gear that’s about the same as higher end normal gear (or what’s more likely is that the stat you care about is on the lower side and the one you don’t is actually pretty good) or to just get cursed gear that isn’t very useful to you, but might be desirable to someone else or for a different hero. e.g. cursed lightning resist armor for Athena isn’t very exciting, but for ariadne maybe you’d like it. 

Anyways I don’t think anything has been changed about cursed items for a long long time. Maybe never.

I will say though, that it’s very annoying to pay 50 gems or whatever to uncurse something when there are pretty good odds that it’s not going to be something you want to use, and some of the higher tier requirements for uncurling without spending gems are obnoxious. Break 100 barricades for a purple tier curse seems like a lot to me, for example. 

It’s a real booby prize, and I mean that sincerely, but since the forging nerf gold and titan level cursed gear has gotten some value back. It used to be way more expensive and way less good than green or blue cursed gear, but now that everything stinks equally, it’s not really any worse than lower tier cursed stuff. This is not an endorsement of the forge nerf! It’s just a race to the bottom side effect. 

is the deliberate way to make flaregames, the untouchable elite, and we are credit cards have used lousy tricks like the “buggy” imtes to get the elite a huge advantage, advantage that forces us to spend gems when we attack them because they have been doing the odyssey for 10 months. The league of the titans is the obvious way of this disgusting: all the blessings to the elite and the crumbs to the others, moreover they attract the players in the league of the titans with the illusion of the upbringings. Remember that it is only an illusion because in the league of the titans there are the elites that will remain alive and if we go there will be only credit cards for the season in which we will fight in the league of the titans

P.S. I answer your question, they are not going to fix anything because the system is working exactly as it is designed

Still any official announcement from developers team would be great @vasudeva1

I seriously wanted an answer from them.

Do they hsve plans to rectify thier own mistakes ir do they plan to continue with it?

I have seen @Madlen, @Pete online and yet they choosing to ignore such crucial thing.

I really don’t like the idea of raidibg bases filled with Perses tower,charon,sirin once or twice blessed ,chaos gate, blessings.

Before new war system ,Such combos of powerful new blessings was not possible at all.

I would be excited if developers have any plans to remove or nullify such powerful items that end level players have that obiviously I can’t forge anymore with new forging system.

There was a good long stretch where 6 war blessings were possible. It was like a year and a half ago. 

Chaos gate blessings seems weaker than before, but prom tower seems well OP and needs a fix - then combine the fact that they give 9 blessings to all the titan league alliances - that’s really bad thinking on the part of the devs - where is the interest/ incentive to participate in wars in lower leagues - might as well just give us a pat on the back for taking part.   @Madlen. This poor distribution of war blessings really needs to be passed to the appropriate people - run an online poll and I think you’ll see how many players are frustrated currently by this system. 

Chaos gate was nerfed by like 35% last summer. It’s very weak now. 

Philstar actually defenses are ok, those that u might find OP come as a result of good % from Odyssey.

Dumpster, since the new forge came out, all normal items now are weaker, maybe 1 out of 10 will have higher values and match the level we are in. Again, Cursed items have LOW values, they got nerfed aswell, and the chances to get rare perks are cut in a half. Since it has been a very long time that you are top level, you don’t realize many things. Everything looks normal to u, as it looks normal to me when I face opponents at my level. But since we match with +/- 15 levels, then there’s a huge difference now that the old forge doesn’t exist anymore.

What if devs take that time and get rid of all of your super forged items? Reducing those rings values from 150k CD down to 90k and those fire/poison/thunder/ice/physical like 60-70k and not 90-100k+…? It’s senseless that ppl now with the 75% caps have mounted all resistances to their heroes and they have almost everything at 75%. You bring and army at the GK, use 3 different invocations including tartarus and nothing scratches those GK, and this is normal? Lets not speak of Ajax that never will make it 100%. All of these anomalies come as a result that someone like this I.di.ott that made this topic, have suggested ***** things and devs ruined it all by listening to him.

Dumpster, I am not bothered with chaos gate but I Definitely don’t agree with the part with where Titan leagues players are getting all war blessings.

Not to mention those three new war blessings that are good for offense too

The rest of the community pays a lot of money on the game and yet they will never have the chance at those blessings plus anyone who is playing now at sub 100 levels will see the difference in the offence and defense greatly askew thanks to forge nerfs and availability of war blessings to every teams.

Now talks of new level addition will make thier lives even more miserable (Including mine too)

I think you’ve said that very eloquently. You have every blessing except chaos gate, so it sorta sounds a little weird coming from you, but you’ve made your case. Thanks. 

I think one of the big mistakes here (and it mostly wasn’t intentional but might have been handled differently) was that there was so long between the end of the old war system with 3 war blessings and the award of war blessings in the new system. Defenses were a complete joke during that period and everyone got lazy and used to it. Just my opinion. 

Can you back this up?

Yes, It also applies to League of God’s  players too.

They also have more advantage as compared to other leagues players.

My point is with forge nerf and almost every base filled with so many war blessings have made raids a lot difficult at least for players who do not have super forged items.

Trust me with new forging system I can’t even get around 12% cool down bonus. 

There’s been nobody who’s been more outspoken than me about how bad the new forge system is. 

And it you admit that you’re part of the problem, too, @HOLYDIVINE, maybe stop it with all the whining about titan league. It just comes off as jealously and it’s not productive to any kind of conversation. 

Dumpster are you asking for screenshots?

Sure. Whatever you have. The base values for cursed items hasn’t changed.