Over powered garg nests and twisted trickster


in my opinion gargoyle nest and twisted trickster is so overpowered that its ruining the game.

Im talking about bases over 5300 trophy where it is almost impossible to pass without TW.

After 5.7 k all bases are completely garg nest so only way is to scroll.

You ve got a nmbr 1 player for 3 or 4 weeks he dont change because he has full garg base + zombies.

Is Flare Games planning any changes in gameplay regarding this??

Also finally garg explosions and animations freeze the screen ( if there is 5 or 6 nests close by) making it impossible to use spells at right time or to even see where you need to go.



Fritz does the job, at least, a high level Fritz will. If there’s still too many after that, bring in a blizzard and FS to finish them off

As you ve seen awesomest something that does work mid lvl doesnt work high lvl.

Fritz is useless in forged bases.



  1. That’s not true. Fritz can still be used at high levels.

  2. Not all bases above 5700 are gargoyle bases.

  3. Gargoyle bases are beatable without scrolls, just less margin for error, as it should be. You fight the top 50 players, you shouldn’t be making mistakes or you will lose the raid/ forced to scroll.


I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes, but when I don’t, I beat those bases. When I do make mistakes in the raid, I lose. That’s how a balanced gameplay is. If the top 50 players are still beatable when you make silly mistakes in the raids, then the game is a joke.


p.s. the only thing I agree is they should tone down on the explosion animation. Also, they should allow us to switch off units’ shadow. Sure, If I play it on my laptop with a gtx 1060, it won’t be a problem. But what phone can support graphics of 300 units with shadow in one entire map happening at the same time? I’m using a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with 4 gb ram btw.

Fritz is pretty useful high up if you got it maxed out. i was surprised how useful it was. Do give it a go, it like destroying both the wolf beast and most bases (who are weak to ice due to skull towers, gargoyle towers,etc)

Its possible to beat anyone up top without scrolls but you are looking at a perfect raid and like really well forged stuff all maxed basically. 

Can anyone share a video of raiding a top base with garg towers, twisted trickster and skulls towers using fritz? I would love to get some tip on it. I suck at raiding high level garg bases. I am not saying garg bases are over powered, but that is one type of base that i still need to crack the code.

I never imagined that one day, the garg towers would be this strong!

The main problem with the mass garg towers is the latency, I can’t tell if they are overpowered because the casts are delayed.

I have the latest smartphone , with faatest existing processor, 6GB RAM, great graphics, none exiating game lags in any mode. But when garg towers come into picture with twisted trickster. You just cant raid, everything just keeps lagging

No changes as of yet.

As for the bug reports, I strongly recommend opening a thread in the bug section, if there is no current one yet :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The bug was issued a while ago at the same time of the multitouch issue.