Overpowered gatekeeper

Don’t know if this is technically a bug (though I heard it was some odd combination of area damage and damage reflection) but if it’s not, it still needs to be fixed anyway.  In any case, there are a few gatekeepers that take out an entire army, including hero, in a split second.  It’s ridiculous.  Please fix this issue asap.  Already too many gatekeepers are unkillable without throwing this issue in the mix as well.

U can win all gks!

well, I can say with certainty that this is false. Lol. Not without using invocations.

I mean without invos!!

In all due technicalities you can. If you have a specifically forged and geared war hero, which also happens to be someone like Artemis.

Else, you are totally boned in the 98% cases

Well, there are a lot of other variables, not the least of which is item power due to level. 


This is is all beside the point anyway, which is the bug I mentioned.  Please fix it.

Artemis can kill any gatekeeper. The problem is getting her there. 

As the defenses are currently so easy to play, I’ve actually started the process to gear hero setups specifically to kill gatekeepers. I’m by no means “there” yet with a 100% success ratio, but getting *much* better at killing gatekeepers.

It does require rather specific unit setups though, in particular, imho.

No Ancient Defender is invincible and if you are a regular Player than you should now how to deal with them.Nowdays I am only seeing opponents with awesone ancient Defender that are too hard to kill or wipes out an enitre horde of griffins in 1 second as they have very high deflection percenage but OR gives you 14 heroes so many different types of spells and troops to play just use any one of them and by the way I have never used invocations to defeat opponents.

Owerpowered defender can be killed easily they always have an Achilles’s heel and you need to find it and I am not going to tell you how to defeat them as it will involve a large discussion and I am too lazy to write all possible strategy.

(Also an overpowered defender can be created by other perks too that does not involve damage deflection or area damage infact I have one too that most of the invaders avoid fighting and they simply Destroy my Gate if Appollo.)

Never? Since day 1 of playing OR? :wink:

Yes I agree and you forgot to mention Hades on Soul steriods??? can also kill overpowered defender easily too.

This is strange ? I have not lost any single battle with Artemis (She is at level 20)till now and I only have access to her first four powers.

Maybe I have euipped her with good items or I am just too lucky  ???


I mean to say I have never used Invocations against other players but definitely on the Griifin Islands and Phenoix Islands.

Yes, I know what you meant, you have never used invocations against anyone? At all? At choke points? Against immortal perseus? Sorry for my doubts bro.

Nope man,? I always choose my heroes carefully before raiding a base.I always pay attention to the defense layout and troops setup too. 

Also I can easily defeat Immortal Persues with Ariande or Cadmus Or Artemis but definitely not with Ajax as Ajax only do physical damage now Imagine a Persues or Ajax that has 90% physical Resistence and 15k life on hit(as an Ancient Defender)??? Then yes I cannot Use Ajax against such overpowered Defenders but I love him ?anyways So I always try to use him on raids.

Also you can just ignore the statue if It is difficult to kill and destroy gate of Appollo to save trophies???

@CaptainMorgan can’t Ajax get any type of Elemental damage in his weapons as He comes pre equipped with selected Spells.I cannot use Okeanos,Siren or Talos with him.

The Reason why I am suggesting this is because Ajax is powerless against opponents that have defender stautes with 90% physical Resistence and insane amount of life on hit or Very high Damage reflection.While My other heroes can easily defeat such opponents.How is it possible???

His devour spell also does no damage to defender Statue but it still hurts a trebuchet .I always find it strange ?.

Whenever I meet such Statues With Ajax I simply Destroy Gate of Apollo instead of engaging Defender.

(I have tested my Ajax against such defender many times but I guess with the use of invocations I can defeat them or maybe not)???

It would be good to have a list of Hero Statues which appear to have this bug, so we can check it out. We will try to create some here too.

Many heros can kill perseus, hercules or achilles or ariadne, but we are moms for how to play , rotor please find the tricks how to beat perseus !!

Is not the bug , are damage item is only for troops its simple