Overview of effectiveness spells against troops towers.

Is there some kind of overview of spell (maxed) effectiveness against troops?

Overviews in opposite directions would of course also be welcome (for example does a maxed troop survive a certain level of spell and if so, which one)

For example, I would like to know which troops (including boost info) can be killed by max swordrain (most will, I am in doubt about storm cannons). When max swordrain for example isn’t able to destroy a certain level of storm cannon (level of boost can be determining survival, so that info can be interesting also), I would like to know what level of a troop will survive a spell when that spell is maxed. Also interesting on this info is that if we know the number of forges required to make a troop survive or max number of forges required to make the spell kill that troop.

With this info players can decide if it’s worth investing in a certain spell, troop upgrade, forge or not.

youtube the place to go for all that info flothaboss n pellez vids are awesome and tell you everything about spells troops n towers at max level have a look

I know all those videos. I used them to become a better raider. Only with new improvements and version 2.1 a lot of things changed according to spells and damage to troops. Before swordrain was not able to kill a boosted ogre, while now it actually does. What I noticed is that old max swordrain wasn’t able to destroy a storm cannon.

So that’s why I asked. There are no videos for this.

I’m also interested in Swordrain vs Cannons, as it’s the only high level/high range spell I have, and cannons are the unit that usually kills most of my troops, even if the rest of the base is easy, if 5 boosted cannons appear/wave it’s pretty much game over! There is no way to counter a full storm cannon base than to give up and try again later when your health and troops are better! Some argue that boosted archers, arblasters or pyros are the way to go, but being ranged units, they have a tendency to stop at every tower thus making them very ineffective and prone to dying from side lane bombs or skulls!

Bladestorm as spell plus pyro as troop is the answer to a storm cannon base. My pyro is far from max so no option for me. But during war seasons there is not a lot to avoid, sometimes you have to take on such bases and you need to win that raid.

I have old max bladestorm and since version 2.1 bladestorm is the answer to boosted ogre/wolf bases including storm cannons. On storm cannon bases I most times use bladestorm. Also great to take out tough barricades plus lightning towers. Only weak to frenzies, so when frenzies are in a base a spell like blizzard is a must. So take precautions and add ranged troops that are able to take out tower leftovers. Hero needs to use run forward technique, clearing chokepoints and  a good choice to accompany him is mummy to act as shield. Destroy those storm cannons and do damage the buildings and other troops with second spell, shield shield protect the mummy and hero.

Like I said, secure the choke point and spawn cannons and other troops to clear remaining towers.

I asked the question for some of my members, some depend on swordrain and if it actually is able to destroy storm cannons then this is a good choice. I expect the answer to be the opposite, every spell should have some weakness against a certain troop and not be able to kill all of them, otherwhise it would become quite easy. Kill defending troops, forge your spell to improve cooldown time, protect your own offending troops and there you go, an easy victory against every base. So I expect that sword rain won’t be able to destroy storm cannons.

I did some calculations before version 2.0 concerning swordrain and frosters / cannons. I discovered, that frosters and cannons had 50% resistance to swordrain. After that i maxed swordrain and can’t do this calculations any more due to the troops dying :grinning:

I have never encountered unboosted frosters or cannons resisting swordrain ever since. Currently i have it on new max - 1. Swordrain eliminates also boosted frosters, but not boosted cannons. I hope, that max level swordrain is significantly better against boosted cannons, but i don’t expet them to die immediately.

A “nightmare” are boosted cannons in combination with frenzies. Hope this helps …