OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

My girlfriend has an account with the game but not with the forums and she sent me these screenshots. Was she hacked, or what?!

Please help

IGN = BAKEREP99 [Level 51, 835 trophies, 3,969,320 gold, -2,487 gems, 11,379 pearls & 118 bread (subject to change from Morgue War)]

Alliance - Mizerableone (Level 21)

@GalaMorgane - @FTB ???


how does she practically owe $19.99 for negative amount of gems? we dont use a credit card. only a refill card with cash on it for purchases so its not like our cards can spend money we dont have to have something like this happen.


shes ready to quit and a few of our alliance members are quite concerned about investing in the game now & i’m just trying to help keep it together for us…

You should contact FG support team. They will invastigate and explain what happened.

She tried to before with an old account that she got locked out of and never got any responses. i figured posting something in here would help get some attention 



Try under this link: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

They should reply to you.



Regarding that message, most or even all players have received it, even those who didn’t make any purchases at all. We were told here on forum to ignore that message and not to worry about it.

Regarding negative gems,  once long time ago I saw someone with similar issue. Not sure what was the reason for it. Maybe, your gf bought gems, spent them, and then she withdrew the transaction. In this case, FG wants to get their gems back since she got them without paying. Not sure if that’s a case. Maybe it is just some kind of bug.

Contacting support is the way to go for sure.

That’s similar issue I guess:


they said it has to do with refunding but we never did that. actually, her email address had an issue with it that wouldnt even let her use her card to make a purchase so its super confusing. the help desk looks like they take a half a month or so to reply


@PaSte ??

added different cards to use 

we will contact them… but still, confusing

Hello there,

Sorry to hear about your incident. As others mentioned previously, please do contact our Customer Support Team as we cannot discuss this matter on the forum.

They will be able to help you :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


I’ve seen this bug before somewhere in the forums, maybe it’s just the one in the link Mag gave. But as others have said, tell your gf that the best thing to do is to contact support. They’ll help her out