Pacifist ist recruiting

We are a young and friendly alliance, who’s core members, due to disappointment of previous alliances, decided to start their own one.

We understand the alliance as a teamwork community, where everybody does as much as he/her can and gets the benefit in form of gold bonus and elite boosts. We make accent on war season and the participation of everyone is mandatory.


As experience showed, high trophy players aren’t always good team members. That’s why we also recruit motivated beginners. 


We are international and speak: englisch, deutsch, un peu francais, русский


We have only three mandatories:


  1. Fighting in war - during war season fighting in war has first priority, you have to reach maximum skull amount in your category.

1000+ trophies - +/- 1500 skulls

2000+ trophies - +/- 2000 skulls


  1. Daily donation - as much as you can, but daily. With our gold bonus, you’ll get the donation back, while raiding.


  1. If you can’t do any of these points - communicate. We understand, that there’s a life outside Royal Revolt II, but we have to know on who we can count in war season.


If you think, this could be for you, feel free to apply.