Pack summoning for mobile

This is a non-issue on pc but on mobile devices having to summon dozens of knights/archers is unbearable. I can either fight or tap a button repeatedly for three seconds. So make it so you can summon knights in threes per tap or such. Or do as it’s been suggested and hold button to keep summoning units. Having to rapidly tap the button like a fool is neither productive nor comfortable.

While this may seem like a good idea, some issues may arise.

Imagine they change the button to keep summoning units non-stop while you keep pressing…

If the player has high morale, then yes it probably is really useful.

But what if he’s low level? What if he summons an extra knight by mistake?

Even high levels may have this issue:

What if I summon 2 Ogres in a row by mistake? What if I wanted to summon a monk next?


I think this probably could work though, if they would add a new feature to the player settings:

A menu to chose which units can be summoned by holding the button continuously.

That way, we could only pick low morale units (e.g.: knights) and reduce the risk of “unwanted” extra summonings.

How often do you press and hold a unit button??? I’ve been playing this game for years and I don’t remember doing that even a single time that

Me neither, but that depends on how Flare would define “press and hold”.

1 units per second? more?

What I mean is that they would need to do it good, so we wouldn’t procc unnecessary units.

That’s because you didn’t need to, holding a unit button now doesn’t do anything. But if they made it so that you keep summoning troops continuously as you hold the button then you could accidentally go overboard, which is what SG was refering to.

I’m all for more settings and options. But I was suggesting this purely for troops below 3 morale - you don’t do as many clicks for more expensive units so this feature would be pointless. 1 troop per second would be safe enough, albeit somewhat slow.

Also, it turns out that you can either press troop or magic buttons at a given time, not both. So that kinda cancels the press-and-hold method because you’d have to let go to use magic. Holding troop and tapping on map works fine, it’s just you can’t multibutton for some reason.

Yes, you’re totally right. We don’t need the feature for high morale units.

This is related to the multi-touch issue.

Flare should fix that bug before even trying to implement this.

Maybe they could add this option only for Knights (and Archers?). Then it would not cause any big issue when accidentally holding the button, cause they cost low morale.

And honestly, Knight is the only unit that I have to touch like crazy when I want to spam them, and my morale bar won’t even go down.