Worst update by far and all the same - to fill their pockets.


This game is finished - reasons?

Wars are completely done for.  player swapping - endless skull perks now for the rich (now we will see even more player swapping) - raiding can be done by little children now with insta troops no skills required. Alliances who thought they might have had a shot at giving the top 4 some competition will slowly slip away and never have that chance again.  

What is there to do in this game now ?  ride your Amex into the sunset?  Everyone merge into 1 alliance? 1 alliance that will never ever be beat?   will that be fun on both sides?  seems very boring knowing no one has a chance to beat you and for the others even more boring - oh look that alliance who merged and has all the top paying players in it is on our map - ok no one attack - take the season off, ya that is fun too!  


Name of the game - feed flare, keep feeding, they need a way to pay for their 50 employees. Endless skull perks is the brilliant idea they came up with?? After many thoughts and opinions from their customers mostly all telling them that skull perks killed so many alliances and players - at least they capped it at 18%  oops oh wait!!! nope, lets put skull perks on every item and increase it all!!! Those foolish customers will purchase purchase purchase!!!


Seriously guys, its over.  This game is done for, I wont participate any more wars in this silly game.

Too all that say " BYE DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YA" - I say this - I’ll see you on the outside in less than 3 months  <_<

the only thing i don’t like about the update is the skull perks on your king.

even i did not get the update yet

people from my alliance Genie and Master said you are on PC. You must go in Windows Store,go in option in side of the search and going in downloads and updates, click Check for updates wait like 15 seconds he search if there is update for all your apps in metro and he gonna find Royal Revolt 2 update :grinning:

I agree with Darren, I was ok with this until I saw the skull perk stuff, that completely ruined my positive opinion about the update!

I come short on words. Most parts of this update I liked, until one of my friends told me about the skull perks on all items inside the new uber chests (Edit, it seems to be on two new items, weapons and gloves). This is sad, very very sad. Probably someone is not learning any lessons from the past and drawing wrong conclusions. Many players complained about these unfair perks that influence the outcome of a season too much and now you even add them on every possible item?

Skill who needs it? Just buy some gems, get an uber package and open them. There you go, your gear is immediately better than the ones of less spending or free players. Even introduce a chance of getting skull perks on every possible item, how about that, let’s teach them a lesson. If you are unfortunate, just buy more uber packages untill you finally have enough skull perks.

But wait, there is more, with these uber items you can increase stats of items impossible to forge. For example, how about increased range of cannons, with uber items you can get range 8+. Let’s give those free players a hard time, there is no way any defense can withstand your overpowered spells and troops.

Who needs to go on holiday? Don’t waste your money on that. Instead buy gem packages and get a lot of uber items in return. No one will be able to stop you at all! With this you literaly can spoil the fun of others, this is the chance you have been waiting for!

Let’s summarize this. It’s quite simple, who will win war seasons? Teams with players who bought uber packages and now have plenty of skull perks. Nice balancing, not… :angry:

Players with not enough skull perks can search for a new home and spoil the war seasons (plus fun) for the other lower teams. Great job, you finally managed to ruin the game.

You should tell the remaining players later : Hello from the outside…

Don’t worry too much, flare will give you uberchest for free soon, well maybe you need to sacrifice some pearls, but you don’t have to spend gems. I think it’ll make most protesters forgive flare sooner and accepting the new update with ease…

i got the update half of an hour before war

Maybe you shouldn’t update and just leave the game  :grinning:

Shut your mouth please

Looks like the Forum War Season started ! 

and we will have fun fun fun

no war has started

The matchmaking algorithm probably would have sucked anyway.

I personally don’t understand the hate. I spend between 350-450 gems to buy a new piece of legendary equipment from Granny. Or I could spend 600 gems to get a new piece of uber equipment from a shop - with plenty of legendary equipment as well. So what Flaregames just did was to make a full set of new equipment cheaper for all of us. And all I hear from the players is hate. What is wrong with you people? If you want to quit the game, quit the game. If you don’t like the game, quit the game. Why are you playing the game if all you do is post shit about it? Find another game, a game you actually like, and play it instead.

You do know that those uber chests contains uber items with unique perks which cannot be obtained by forging on any other item.

And? What of it?

Shut your eyes and brain please.

So is it possible to get All skull perk on ALL gears? 

yes i think so

:angry:  you’re a pain in the @$$