Packages irrespective of players gem numbers

Hi all:


For making the game ever interesting (for once we should give the credit to Flare for making this game interesting by offering so many in-game items free), there should be an allowance for standard gem packages, and not based on the number of gems a player has. 


There should be available packages for 150 gems, 500 gems, 750 gems, 1000 gems, 1500 gems, 2000 gems, and so on…


When I had less than 100 gems there used to be 500 gems packages dropping down all the time. When I had 500 gems it never showed up but had new packages showing up.


I know the tricks that many players do by not claiming the achievement gems.


But to be fair if standard packages are available, people will be more willing to buy with some aim in mind, rather than having few gems and not knowing what to do. 


 I am sure (including myself) if we have gems we will be ready to spend on appropriate packages and plan accordingly.





Please do not post these kinds of replies. There is a separate thread for this; post it there.

Yeah I already made a topic about this.

They punishing people who buy gems and blocks offers. Disgusting marketing