Packages Unavailable

I have noticed that the packages only appear for me when my gems are lower than required. When I have sufficient gems, they do not appear. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? 

It was always like this for me. They only show up when you dont have enough gems.

It is pretty well documented that packages won’t appear when you have enough gems to purchase them.  They are intended as incentive to get you to buy gems.  The only workaround would be to dump your gems but have an achievement earned but not claimed, or a dungeon chamber ready to attack that will get you the remaining gems.  Generally looks like you need to be at least a few hundred gems shy to get the offer.

always s that way for me also

I have 1400+ gems…doesn’t look like I’m gonna get any packages any time soon…lol !!

If I knew about this, I wouldn’t buy Gems packages on discount. Instead I would stay low on Gems and wait for a more useful package to appear

I got my 5 workers from the starter package.


they usually offer me 6 hr to get the package, so I just sit there farm and farm and farm.

It is a real deal for me, but for the non-paid kings, then it’s impossible 


I wish I got get the +3 workers pack, but 15,000gems x 75% off = 3750gems is pain to do it in 6 hrs.

Just got a great package offer, don’t know if it was for my birthday or just coincidence?! Max upgrade Wizard’s Tower, Troop Academy and Throne Room… and I could afford it, WOW! I’ve saved multi millions in gold. Happy Birthday to me, champagne anybody?

Well, happy birthday then!


Though, I’d never buy a package that consists only of stuff that you can get without gems, too.


I have over 5,000 gems and haven’t seen a package for months now, For as long as i have been playing this game iv’e only seen a package pop up 2 or 3 times that’s it.

they only pop up when gems are low why its best to save up gems in quests and dump them all into a package im doing the same with the last diamond vault :slight_smile:

Good idea! Might do the same.