Do starter packages change over time?


I really want the starter package for 320 gems for:


 - a worker

 - 3rd spell slot

 - 3rd troop slot

 - other irrelevant stuff I don’t care about (I guess the 5 million gold is nice)


But I just got a “starter package” for 500 gems that gives me:


 - 1 worker

 - 3rd troop slot

 - one day gold shield

 - new landscape


Will I ever get the first package ever? (haven’t bought it before and have seen it come up 3 times, just haven’t had the achievements)

When will it show up/How often?

Recommended gem balance to get the first starter package? (I stay below 80)

Is this package even worth it…


pls reply asap as this package runs out in 6 hours or so and if its worth it I will scoop it up.


Thanks in advance.

propably yes. i had many offers when i started the game, but was not interested to pay real money then.

but when i was, i think lvl 53 i got the first starter package, with 3rd spell slot, unit slot & worker. maybe something else too. for 500 gems.

Your gems should be lower than required.

just buy the package,u won’t have another chance when u lvl up higher,then u need to pay real money for the packages


That depends on your strategy: Have gems in the back, but don’t have them in the account (top left on the screen):


Leave gems in the dungeon, don’t get quest rewards, save vouchers for getting gems (150 / 400 / 1750 / 3750 are

the voucher numbers for gems: 50 / 100 / 350 / 750), have tapjoy gems ready and don’t get them immediately.


This way i was able to get in this order: warrior package, worker package and starter package (for 500, as last!).

I never invested real money for them. I plan to get the spell package, setting it up right now with upgrading 3 spells

to one before max and then using them when i have the right amount of gems (well below 1500).

I didn’t want to get the spell package until the recent new gold policy, which makes it more difficult to get high

amounts of gold. So i have to get my current ~1450 gems out of the way at the next alliance party and then

the spell packages will start to pop up again …