Pal-A-Din Improvement

In the _Bugs and Problems _Forum, @GalaMorgane has verified that Pal-a-din is just another skin of Tammy and was an April Fools wish, but it will remain forever in game for us to just enjoy.

Well if it is going to be forever in this game then why just a same pal, its never late to upgrade.

Pal-a-din  can just have a little improvement. Since most of players don’t use Paladins in offence **(except sometimes with Unholy Paladin), **So it would be much better that its special ability should be Healing  +  Spawning Insta Paladins .

Now no. of Paladins spawned = 4**(max). **So its max level should be 8.

Levelling Up:  Its every ability except spawning, will depend upon Tammy’s level but its own upgrade icon should just increase spawning morale by 0.5.  So at even  level, it will spawn its  half  no. of troops & at  odd  level, it will spawn its previous level’s half   no. of troop.

Paladin spawned will be of Hero’s Troop Academy.

This will make it more useful and exciting

General Discussion on  Pal-a-din  :-


Maybe just make him a little taller and big. He is too much small. However I like the green color. Really cool

I think that Beast-a-din should have something like beast but just looks like bigger size of Pal-a-din. It can be corrected like by making its eyes like Unholy Paladin and its body with dark green colour and same golden borders with black shades.