It has the exact same stats as Tamy.

Yeah what is up with this. Looks like most have this?

A new celebration pal perhaps?

ok bt how come v can’t upgrade it?flare hasn’t given any info abt this 

I also noticed it just now

If u upgrade tammy… This new pal will automatically get upgraded 

no it won’t.i have 2 frnds who play this they have their tammy lvl 6 & 8 respectively bt this pal remains at lvl 7

LOL new pal? ???

mine at level 8, same as my tammy

wait, why this pal-a-din don’t have a beast ver? ???

tammy.JPG pal-a-din.JPG

we’ll i guess i was misinformed

LOL. “Pal-a-din” and “Beast-a-din” ?

Flare really did something in this APRIL FOOLS. ???

Looks cool with Pal-Flute!

Basicly just a new skin for Tammy 

Watch the date it is today. April 1, fools day. This is just a joke.

Sure it is a joke, but it is there at the moment gg

It is the great gamechanger we are waiting for???

Its the good gift. 

For me its mean they are still thinking about the game. Its good signal for me

In fact, i think flare had/has good ideas with the game.

Intention with pro league was good : compairing skills.

But some players were/are abusing it with disconnectionbug, multiple accounts, accountsharing.  Think most of us knows 1 or more who do/did it.

The hughe reward monthly, and the pressure in higher ranked ally to obtain lev 4 pro boost are working this in the hand.

Flare can better put some time in clearing the game 1st before come with something new.

At long term it will be better for flare.

Dnt feel pressure)

there were a lot of bugs its true