Pal Beast Icons

Now that Pal Beast guarding a base are revealed in the attack window, it is better to represent them with different Pal Beast icons instead of a common green icon. Visuals are always better than texts. A minor quality of life improvement.




Agree. I am not habituate to have this new feature and the majority of time I forgot to check and in middle of the raid when I see Phoebe I am like : ‘‘OMG I forgot again’’ and lose -30 trophy.

So if each Pal can have their own picture and color can be better.

Tammy you put Tammy picture,Archimedes you put Archimedes picture and so on…better than click to check

Thanks, I like this idea. Will forward it to devs.


already have feedback on this (as a background info- we are not a huuuuge team): This would require about 25 new art assets, which would take too much time now when having to fix more urgent stuff atm, so, for now, this is not feasible and not efficiently, since the information is already being put across in the text.

Sorry, we would like this too! But production-wise/ focus-wise it cannot be realised atm.

@Madlen No Problem. I just put this up as a suggestion not an immediate requirement. Being a dev myself I understand. It is more important to focus on urgent stuff first.

Hey, I’d be happy to help you guys out. If you just need a simple outline of a drawing to help speed up the process and make implementing the change quicker!

Lovely, but thank you.