Pal Colector?

Are there any jokes, are there really such low chances for a pet even if you have 4 times more chances?

I’m disgusted flare … 5x diax costs almost PLN 200 for me - if I spent 40 eur pff, half an day earnings, but I spent as much as some of us have for a month and got real shit.

this is a misunderstanding … nothing interesting except a cheaper tower of alliance, which I still have for max, and those one-off offers - downstairs.

do not count on more money from my side.

20 chests and only 2 animals? omitting WARRANTY 4?



on the channel one more movie with 20 more cases - 3 + 4 guaranteed - fcking joke.

It’s not a joke. It’s flaregames. That’s how it works there. Rip off. Can’t believe that someone actually buys those chests nowadays. Ofc for some who have too many gems and want to donate them to the alliance, then OK, I can understand, but for everyone else, don’t buy it. Save your gems for good stuff. You get pals for free, you also get treats for free from pro leagues and free chests and so on. One of the worst things you can spend your gems on

I am more interested in your player level :p. 

You are only level 10? With max AT? 

I wondered about that too because I only got 6 pals from 20 uber pal chest just like yours + 30k pal treats. However, currently I got total 4 free pals from this event: 2 pals from today (5 free pal chests) and 2 pals from a day before yesterday (7 free pal chests). Is it 4x more chances only applied on free pal chest? And the benefit that came from uber pal chest is only the 40% discount? Dunno…


Where? his AT isn’t maxed (from the video).

I’m curious about his level + total gems he has (too much) and coherence between his IGN that he wrote on his profile + from the video itself (not match).

You got 6 pals from the 20 chests. I don’t quite understand what is wrong over there. The 1st chest was a free pal chest which does not guarantee a pal, then the next 20 uber pal chests in which 4 were guaranteed.  - Howl - Bucky - Growl - Kaiser - Bucky - Bucky

i think he was expecting his 20 chests to also have 4x the guaranteed amount of pals - ie 16 guaranteed pals. Which is obviously not what was intended.

@FTB got 7 pals from his 20 uber pal chests that he bought during normal days. This is an event pal collector so I thought I’ll get more than that with cheaper price but I guess I wrong. The only benefit from this event when you buy 20 uber pal chests is only 40% discount (from 7500 gems to 4500 gems), not that bad. Just wondering about 4x more chances to find pal applied in uber pal chest that we buy or not.

In other hand I got some pals from my free pal chests during this event so I guess it applied with free pal chest which very good move from flare because there’s a lot of free player, low level free alliances that want to unlock the beast for their defense. ?

ACC for pals/ tickets.

Pal Colector!!!    This event is my favorite at weekly events!???

I try not to forget this twice a day. ??

A great opportunity to pool Pal  :sunglasses:   



I understand about ticket part but pals? and do you really spend your real money on those account? Why don’t you spend it on your main account?

ps. your current secondary account TR haven’t reached lvl 10 so you can’t got free ticket from it


the account has been prepared for Christmas boxes. When I deal with the alliance / main account, I do not have time for further attacks to do something. In general, what do you mean? I buy what I want, I earn, it seems … And this topic is mainly about MORE CHANCE for a pet. not what I buy.

BTW.  it should be every time.



IF that’s me (which isn’t because I’m free player and don’t have secondary account yet), I prefer to focus on main account. The others just for bonuses to support main account. However, be careful because multiple account isn’t allowed based on flaregames ToS.


EDIT: Wow, you got 14 pals from your latest video? I become more confused here on how it works. In the end is it about luck whether you buy or not, whether it’s uber chest or not? Just when you bought 20 chest pack you will absolutely got 4 pals regardless the event or not.

Ehm, just as @Fourofjacks said, you can’t be thinking that 4 guaranteed pals means 16 pals in this event. That’s just wrong.

The percentage of getting 1 pal is so low that even 4x higher chance doesn’t make as much of a difference as you may imagine. For instance 1% or 4% isn’t much.

As for the 20 Chest with 4 guaranteed pals. You get 4 Pals guaranteed, everything beyond that is the usual abysmal chance coupled with this event, nothing shady. Just that you got the whole concept wrong I think.

I haven’t bought yet 20 pal chests, but in this week I bought that “one time offer” with 100k pal food. In this way, (actually I have >220k pal food) I can upgrade a pal among Tammy, Archimedes, Howl, Bucky, Aki, Eldrak, Nidhogg, Growl, Aska, Kaiser, Bela, Irmgard, Fritz, Ceres and Janus (unfortunately I haven’t Aput, Phoebe and Eris) from level 5 (all my pals are at level 5) to level 9.