Pal Collector event after Ceres nerf is ironic...

Strange nobody mentioned it already…but I find it hilarious…don’t you agree?

It’s noneofmybusiness  

Not really sure what’s so ironic about it, all they did was take down Ceres’ stats by a long shot and then have a FRITZ pal collector. If that’s ironic, then I don’t know what is

I have no clue. If that was about ceres one time offer at 12.99$ or something like that. However I don’t see the link between Ceres nerf and Fritz pal collector ironic

Please, Flare, I give you back Ceres and you give me back 25000 crystals…

Same! lol
I just want my crystals and pal food back!

I heard ceres morale doesnt even increase after some lvl anymore so WHATS THE POINT ON UPGRADING THE PAL TO MAX LVL THEN???
It was all just a stupid waste of a very valuable resource now 

Well, there is the damage that Ceres deals, that goes up a bit when upgraded

Sooooooooooooo NOT worth all the food needed to max lvl tho ?

Would you spend 250.000 pal food on it just to gain a bit more normal damage? Only spirit morale was worth it.

I really dont think theres a single player that will upgrade ceres to max lvl after the balance change

You’re right, it’s not worth the food it costs, but all I was pointing out was that there still was a point to it. There will always be some players who upgrade everything to max level just for the sake of having everything at max level

I know, and it must be really fun to have food to waste like that. I can’t relate 

Morale of this story don’t play with Pro pal and just with normal pal. You never know who will be the next to be nerf. Some start to ask Phoebe nerf. So everyone who have Phoebe will have it in the a** soon enough if they have spend money,time and all their pal treats. The complain will be huge when this will happen

You are wrong about this, cause nobody is wanting Phoebe to be nerfed, only the Phoebe beast, and I agree with them. The Beast is just ridiculously strong and really needs to be taken down a notch

sorry lol, but I think you’re a bit off on this too. Now, you’re right that you can’t trust a Pro Pal, but you also need to not forget about Aska and Nidhogg, the 2 best non pro pals in the game. I’m willing to bet that if more pals are gonna be nerfed, it’ll be them

I guess you have right my bad I was sure when a nerf happen its touch both the pal and the beast. OK if its only the beast no problem then

I guess you have right again but still I have no fear for them. I have never see someone complain about them or any normal pal. i don’t remember have read someone ask a nerf about a normal pal.So that why I trust more normal than Pro pal.

The reason that I think the pal doesn’t need to be nerfed is because there is still discussion of whether Tammy or Phoebe is better to use, and, imho, I really think that’s the only thing keeping Phoebe from being nerfed. I think that Tammy is a more reliable pal, but Phoebe is better when you’re having to rush to the gate. Once again, Aska is better than both of these, cause you could have monks in your setup and with Aska you’ll get both healing and damage

Make sense thank you for the explanation

No problem :grinning:  

Please back me food from Ceres. I updated him for level 10 because of cloning morale 20. From 8 level to 10 it cost 350000 food, please give me it back!

Exactly its the responsability of Flare to give back the foods people have invest in Ceres.