Pal collector (Hans)

Hi all!
Im opening free chests (145) and pal chests (20)
I think to collect free chests there is a sense for such events. Who else does this?
Have fun )


Always wanted to know if buying 20 pal chests worth the gems. Thanks for buying and opening them, 43 pals during pal event for 4500 gems is a bargain. 104.65 gems/pal :+1:


That is sooooo awesome… This video is so soothing to watch… I wish I could open that many chests at once… :joy::joy::joy: Amazing Work… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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i open 215 chests yesterday … that was work :crazy_face:


I wrote to Madlen before the event, complaining about the % displayed in pal chests.
After event started I opened 184 chests, found 89 pals, 21 Hans and now i feel bad I whined to Madlen about it.
Or maybe thats why I got so many pals and should annoy @Madlen more often :joy:


and I opened just about 3 chests so far… got 1 archimedes… LOL…

So, basically, you guys save the chests and wait for special events to open them? Sounds cool…

Yes i do that… Some time ago i ask the community if we need more then 2% Chance for finding pals… But there was too less people that say we need an increased rate…

PAL drop rate very low

Events are very relevant in RR2.
You can open every chest as soon as possible… Or you can postpone that until a good event comes up.
If you got uber chests you should try to keep them until a blacksmith event. Same goes for pal chests for pal collector events and guardian chests for guardian events.
You should also save gems to upgrade the Alliance Tower or Conquest buildings and buy blacksmith slots and inventory slots during their respective events.
It’s worth it to wait, if you have the patience to do so.


Players helping player: (I dont wanna create another topic)…

The pal and guardian chest that we get from daily rewards, do they have expiry date?



Just wanted to give a short and clear answer. But the system asks me to write more :joy:


Yep…i save my chests till an event comes along…many in my allie do the same😊