PAL drop rate very low


After introducing the Guardians, I think that the drop rate of the pals should be adjusted.

What do the community think?


There are 6 Guarians and about one in every ~10 free chests

There are 14 (not Pro) Pals and I guess one in every ~50+ chests, for the alliance you also need a lot of chests …


I think the pal drop rate should be increased, because it is close to 0 right now.

Even during the pal collector even, at x3 drop rate, you need to be lucky to get a single pal over 10 pal chests.

I feel like pals had a much higher drop rate when they were introduced.


Exactly! When the pals first came into the game it was fairly easy to find them in pal chests, but it seems to have gotten harder and harder as time goes on, making the Pal Collector events nearly useless!

Guardians are easy to find in the daily Guardian chests just like pals were when they first came out, hopefully Guardians don’t follow the same path that pals did


Like the others said when Pals was introduce in 3.0 the % was very high if your account was linked to Facebook. So find easy Pals in free chest and during Pal collector I finding like 5-10 pals each Pal collector. that was a really good help for alliance I join. I was able to help them with Pals. I have video who proof the % was very high in the past. Since few month the Pals have drop close to 1% or like 0.5% to find a pal. You must really lucky to find just 1 pal in over 100 chest

i guess they have make Pal impossible to get since we have now guardians. Flare logic they cannot offer both.


for me the guardian drop rate is okay but the pal dop rate makes no sense.


Actually Tammy’s drop rate is even lower than Growl, Bucky and Kaiser’s ones.


what makes you say that? Tammy is one of the most common pals, whereas Bucky and Kaiser were both Festival Pals and Growl is a rare pal


It’s because Archimedes, Howl, Growl, Bucky and Kaiser are the most common Conquest pals, while Tammy is not.

I’ve been getting about the same amount of Tammys as Eldrak or Aki, which are very uncommon pals.


I have been playing like 6 months now and I have NEVER gotten a pal in a pal chest…


thats bad … i hope flare change something.


surely you’ve received a pal from one of your few pal chests in the Daily rewards


Nope, only food received in daily pal chests, and I am not kidding !

Only in the ‘special’ pal chest where it is guaranteed to receive.

But I have received several guardians in the daily chests


Okay, I just looked at the percentages in the chests, and there is, in fact, a better chance to get a guardian than a pal in their respective free chests. We have a 15% chance to find a guardian in a guardian chest and only a 3% chance to find a pal in a pal chest. That’s why we have been finding Guardians more often


6 month its really sad.With my previous account I was 1 year without find a pal. I talk about the free pal in chest via Facebook link. Of course with daily you find at least 1 per month because the last is 100% pal.


i hope the devs see now that we are frustrated about the daily pal chest ?..some % more brings free pals back ?


Pal food is improved in pal chests in the last days.


I don’t have see any change. However for guardian chest seem better. I have got 2 guardian in one chest : Sultan and Donkey



i will push this topic again … after the pal collector the pal drop rate is now to forget again ?



great, that’s how I see it. we need a higher pal rate




i added the the tag-> moderation of thread by mods needed


i think after the next new pal (Hans) the main-question is still allowed 

(ATM i save all chest for a event because they are no pal in free chests)