Pal event - Add 50% discount in pal treats required for pal level up

With so many new pals up and coming, it would be nice for the next pal event to have a  50% discount in pal treats required to level up a pal. I’m sure many would buy pal chests to make use of the event if such discounts were implemented, i.e. lvl 10 would cost 125000 instead of 250000 pal treats.

I concur.

great idea ! 

It’s a fantastic idea. Can only support this.

Not that I am against making it things easier and cheaper to level up… but I have one gripe about this event.

When getting a new pet I want to use - knowing theres 50% events means wasting food to level it up straight or needing to wait for an event.

Think its a bit different to the blacksmith slot, inventory slot or AT upgrade. Those aren’t as ‘exciting’.
I would be excited finally getting a new pet I was after, having to wait for a pet event to level it high would kill the excitement pretty quick.

I like this, but he’s got a point. In addition, the later levels cost so much that everyone will just wait for an event. Might as well just half costs permanently. 

No need any discount. Just up the numbers of pals treat you can find for people who don’t have any facebook account. its not really fair around 500 pals treat a day. Take a eternity. Connected to facebook its around 2-3 pal chest a day for around 1500 a day x 7 =  10,500. Close with Ninja Event close 50k a month if lucky. There is what over 10 pals or more. You need 300k or 400k just for one. 400k X 10 = 4 millions

Same if you are patient 50k x 12 = 600k a year. you need 4 Millions so over 8 years if no more

The way to fix this and be more realist

* Someone with Facebook account should get around 2k per chest for 6K a day

* Someone without a Facebook account should get not a chest each 24 hour but at least 1 each 12 hours for 2 chest. A little more fair for 3K each chest

this way you pass 50k a month for 120k a month. At least 1 millions a year. A little more realist than now

The other solution

* Reduce the number of pal treat needed for level 8,9 and 10. something like 30k,40k,50k,etc… and not 75k,125k,200k,etc…

All my pals are at level 6 and I don’t think one day I will up them. Each time I get a new one make me spend all my effort and my pals treat in it. So need a huge improvement for this