Pal event Jun '19

In the coming pal event of June 2019 I see we have chances of only 2%, 3% and 4% to find a pal in the chests. Is this a typo? If not, why are the chances so low? I wouldn’t open my chests for this.

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On the last pal collector event, the chances were x4 times to find a pal:

Also, in some programming languages like C# the numbers in brackets as seen below…

Are usually to replace a text placeholder, for a specific value. Example:

They probably wanted to have 3 numbers being replaced there but… Something went wrong :laughing:

So it’s most probably a typo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @ShadowsGuardian. This is some good information. :blush:

Just for reference, that’s the Pal Colector event during the last Community Week.
Up to 30% chance of finding a pal (if a pal is found, there’s a 30% chance it’s a Nidhogg).
I got about 1 pal for every 3 chests with those odds.

Since the current event is only up to 4% … doesn’t look very exciting.

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My youngest opened 138 chests, resulting in 66 pals. Am I correct that when x 14 is displayed, this means 13 pals (plus the one I have) to donate?

A nice one it was, now up to guardian or blacksmith event.

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That’s almost 50% chance of finding a pal. You lucky guy!


Wow, that’s a really awsome chance! Congratulations man!

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Thank you.
I only wonder if I had a display or actual bug. Just opened a new pal chest and found another Hans. Just 1 displayed. (To be obvious, no x 2 displayed.)

So why only 13 were added instead of 14, after opening those chests?

I won’t complain, but amongst those chests also were a few 100% pal chests. So that adds total up.

Lets say you already have an Hans and you get 1 in a chest:

  • you see x2 in the Pal’s section
  • you see 1 in the Beast’s section

Awesome results!
It means this event has the improved % that the devs implemented after the Archimedes event.

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the display bug is gone look there:

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Thanks for reporting, this was fixed once the event started. It was a display mistake.