Pal events and the free Pal chest

seems to me that during the Pal events we get the free chests twice as often but the Pal treats in each chest are much smaller.


No, there are not fewer treats than usual.

they are usual as always

10 chests and no pal yet, the same happened to my alliance colleagues as well


Yup, Same for me. Noooooooooothing - but, I didn’t expect anything also. ?

Nothing for me and my alliance. Only 1 Archimede. Is it a joke this event?

I had a pal food chest that had just 3 items. Tell me again how there aren’t fewer treats.

Also, the only pal I got from this “increased chance for pal” came from a guaranteed pal chest, and it was a Kaiser. So that’s a fail on all ends so far.

I take it all those “increased chances” during events are visual bugs, because it doesn’t seem like anything is increased (or they forgot basic math that 10% of 0 is still 0).

 It was the worse chance to get pal than before pal event.  I got no pal open almost 20 chests. And only 3 pals for whole alliance ???

i got howl and last pal event did not get fritz

This has gotta be the worse pal collector event ever!

I wasn’t already thrilled because the pal with “increased chance” is growl.

But guess what?

I kept opening pal chests every 4-6 hours until today and not even 1 pal!

Seriously… This is either a bug, or we had increased chance over 0,000000000 … 0000001%

Thank god I didn’t buy those 20 pal chests, but I feel sorry for those who did :slightly_frowning_face:

Here too guys! Didn’t received even one pal from this collector event! And it has normal treats only as well! 


Never liked the Pal Collector event. The reason for this being that it is based solely on luck, whereas others are decreased upgrade times, cheaper items, etc. Not a big fan of having no control over what happens

Probably this one got a problem. Normally when you accumulate 10 pal chest and open them you got the Pal VIP in this case growl and got others like 4 or 5 more but this time nothing. So what happen? bug? they drop the chance to find one to below 1%?

Same here, I opened more than 10 chests and didn’t get a single pal, it was the most disappointing pal event yet ? 

Lol, maybe they forgot the word food, it was a pal food event.

same here, not one pal and heard the same complaints from most of our members. Wonder if Flare really forgot to adjust the chance % this time.

I wonder if somebody was really looking forward to find growl … ?

i wonder if we ever get any answer of cm/dev here…

was already enough time:-(:frowning:

I asked developers to look into it, but everything went normally. Unfortunately, you guys were just unlucky. Hope you have better luck next time! ?

So all my alliance members are unlucky