pal festival pal perk items aska

we have items for most pals,just head gear and weapon not found.

do they exist and is one aska?

anyone had aska perk?

for the items in festival is only for the pals in the festival. for the rest I don’t think so.Wait for a precise answer.I check often the Pro shop and I have never see a perk for pals

None for Aska, Farty.

You can actually find pal perks for all gears in the festival chests: helmet and weapon included. Helmet has growl perk and is called Growl’s bravery, weapon has eldrak perk and is called Eldrak’s Flame.

thanks guys!

just egg didn’t throw you off the scent then ?

Naaaw. Many nuts in this game but just one egg. ?


Any thing for Ceres? 


No. There are only items for the pals that you can buy in the festival, except for Kaiser

I have most,some multiple times waiting to melt,some melted already.

Why do multiple items the same have different pearl values randomly?


In the past many found that ■■■■■■ the difference in price in gold and pearls,etc… the older one will have less value in pearl. Your new one will have a better pearl value. Like gold older give less gold and new one more gold for the same item

So here by example your Aki’s Agility on the bottom is at 157 because you get it few days ago. Your Aki’s Agility at the left give 163 because you get it more recently then the bottom one. Your 3rd one valuated at 168 because is the most recent one.If you get it a 4th time the next will be valuated at 173 or around

I guess that the value of an object depends on the experience of the king…that would explain the delta…

nothing to do with the king experience or whatever I explain it in my previous post just the pearls and gold value are evaluated with the time your get it by example you buy 10 uber chest at 5100 gems. You open 1 and get a Tourney Plate at 165 pearls. You are full and take time to melt the worst items. The day after you open a another Uber chest and get again Tourney Plate evaluated now at 169 pearls. You melt all worst items. The day after you open a another Uber Chest and get again Tourney Plate this time evaluated at 175 pearls. Why different price values?

the answer in the past was simple the time between you get them. More recent is the same items and more the pearls value is up. So the first one can be at 130 and if you get it 10 times the last one will be at 180 pearls

yeah whatever…

as soon as Flare does not give more info, my guess is not worst than yours ?

But in the end…who cares…? all items are going to the BS ?

I don’t say your answer is worst or whatever. I just tell you the real answer. You can find it somewhere on the forum. Many topic about same items and pearls price. This was asked at many reprise. its the real answer that you like it or not. the pearls is evaluated with times. Simple like that

lol, ok…it s really strange that it s only based on time…but anyway, as I told…all items go to BS so whatever the reason, we don’t care…or at least I dont care…


that why we asked in many reprise to Flare to do a real FAQ Question/Answer about the game. So many new players don’t know the majority of the answer because no FAQ. We still waiting…maybe 2 years we have ask for it and still waiting…with all the hidden feature of course

the aki I melted was 173 pearls.

As said its all pearls! When’s next BS event?

Just wish id known no aska or nidhogg before I assumed it was all pals perks and spent gems on chests looking for them dammit!

warriornator you are again wrong

perals amount is not affected with the time you get it - like you said the later the more pearls!

i can giv you 1000x example where a new item as less value than a previous one i already have in stock!

Yup, it’s wrong

Yeah Yeah I have wrong of course. I don’t want to talk to you. You don’t worth it. Nice to call top players liar. LOL. If you don’t believe it then search it on forum. that was the answer we have got in the past probably by Alysea herself. The Time up the pearls of same item. If you like call everyone here liar its you.