Pal Festival

You see when you take time to listen us and make us happy. You can receive a topic like this one who will say a big thank you. Thanks Flare to listen my idea of the pal festival. I am happy you have add it.

Everyone enjoy the festival ???:sparkles::sparkles:?:sparkles:

Crap festival

? wow thanks again Flare. I can complete my collection : Irmgard,Bela,Aki,Fritz. too much choice ? Thanks a lot Flare. Love you

My question is which choose? Who can explain to me what Aki do? worth it? Fritz throw snow ball right but he do something else? I hesitate I love irmgard but I have it on my Ipad so maybe will be between Aki and Fritz. If some of you can describe them.Thanks

Nidhogg aska are again hidden. 7 days to get gift boxes for festival. You could just donate 2 howls and that’s it. Poor festival.

Aki not worth it, he just has a “chance” to confuse enemies to fight by your side and then they will turn against you, IMHO just for sake of having him in your collection,  investing food in Aki is a total waste.

I bought Bela from festival and regret it- great disappointment. After watching what Fritz is able to do decided to not buy him when he was released and I wont buy him now.

Kaiser and Irmgard are the ones people should aim for if they dont have them for some reason.

Kaiser was readily available during previous event.

I ran into super Fritz in the last ninja event. He basically turns into a giant snowball and plows everything in his way a la Indiana Jones. He did more damage than I thought he would do, but wasn’t unbeatable. That’s the only time I’ve come across him.  Aki too, now that I think of it, but he really wasn’t anything special.