pal festival

After many months of having no festivals, we finally get one. And it’s a pal festival. Seriously? And it doesn’t even include nidhogg and Aska. Flaregames did it again. Another huge disappointment

Give us nidhogg??


Nidogg and aska are also regular pals so why not included @GalaMorgane


Buy a tammy after a week or spend the gems to buy something better. Nice joke, AGAIN. 

They aren’t regular pal.

Nidhogg & Aska are pay-pal  image.png

Have the developers once again tired of turning the knobs down? How should you do that? Would be helpful if you write how many cups you should have ....! You are testing the events only fully boosted with level 130?

If it’s the same as earlier festivals, festival levels are other player levels a few hundred trophies above yours.

If you find it too hard, you need to drop trophies.

Also, due to sniper cannon boost, the festival levels will be harder than normal for the entire festival.


I am at 3800 trophies and you?


You’re at 5131 with Alliance Level 80 and all boosts … that I’m not laughing …



Lol best joke of the month

it does not work now. I fell by almost 500 and still can not get out from under the tent.

You all should be happy that there IS a festival. And it is a pal festival!
This is not a festival for the personal advantage of every player around. If the pal that you want is there, you are lucky. If it’s not there… well that’s life.

But stop this constant complaining for everything!

Primal Howl is still 10 times better.

festival después de tiempo… y por que no incluiron a Febe  Ceres… pero feliz por tener un festival despues de tiempo… claro que esta un poco mas dificil…jajajaja

Good, I didn’t purchase niddogg.

Now what about the pal perk items…in this festival or later?

Good. we finally had a festival. but it’s useless. There is no Aska. a companion so desired by many. And these objects? will they be present in our sets?

As opelle mentioned aska is pay-pal, so is nidhogg (liked his post btw on this?). If you dont like the setting of this festival…dont play it! Its a game, thats all it is. Dont start complaining if it is not according to your expectations.

ah … what a pity. I Aska is there. it is a PAL disowned by many. and I believe that each of us has a right to say their own

This sucks!  How many times do I have to demand that FG give me milk and cookies?!

If I don’t get my milk and cookies by 6 June 2019, 0600 GMT, then I’m going to quit.  And when I quit, the top 17 alliances are all going with me.  




There is a chance you can obtain Aska or Nidhogg for free but in reality they are obtainable only via $$$. During social event with hugely increased chance of getting pal from normal pal chest one of my former alliance mate got aska from a chest, but how reality looks like? PALS dont have equal chance to drop, just look at the beast section: Tammy, Howl, Archimeds- they are easy to get.

 Comparing the amount of pals we now have in game and the amount of food we can get daily from pal chests when we are connected to the game via FB- i believe 99% are- to how much we need to lvl up pals is a joke, but thats another story…